Quarterback hearing from most of Big 12

It's funny sometimes how you can just look at a situation at one point and know that when you revisit it again that it won't be the same. That will be the case with Joe Kemp. He is flying a little under the radar, but that can be blamed on a few things. His team didn't have a great record last year, he had some great quarterbacks in his district last year, and this is the year of some big quarterbacks in Texas. Kemp will get his shot.

So you may ask how could I be so certain about Joe Kemp? Well, we are talking about a 6-foot-5, 217 pound quarterback who has a 4.78 40-yard dash for one. Second, you have a quarterback playing in a very competitive district whose best days of playing football seem to still be in front of him.

"Last year was not up to our expectations," Kemp said. "We went 1-9. The game that we did we win, we won by 25 or 26 then district play started and, not to help us out at all, that game got taken away from us. One of our wide receivers that caught one pass for six yards that game was not supposed to be playing."

"Obviously, since the team didn't do that great I didn't do that good. I think that I threw for 1,600 yards, 17 touchdowns, and ran for another three touchdowns. I didn't win any honors. They went to Christian Ponder and Greg McElroy."

Kemp has been busy since football ended. He has taken the time to get out and do a combine already. He has also taken on getting some training help to help improve his game. Additionally, he has already been out to check out some schools.

"A bunch of things. I went down to the U.S. Army All-American combine in San Antonio. I have been going to Velocity three times a week trying to improve my 40; I have been doing a combine class. I went to SMU, Texas A&M and to Houston. I am going to the Nike combine in mid-April, to the Elite 11, but besides that hanging with the team, working out with them and getting ready for the season."

While the first offer isn't in hand yet it doesn't seem like it will be too long. He is getting a lot of attention from a PAC10 school right now, but is hearing from most of the Big 12 and just recently got a letter from his childhood favorite.

"I don't have any offers yet. I have been talking to the Arizona coach a lot, text messaging me, and he has been writing me a lot. I don't know if that is going to come around anytime soon. He has asked me and my dad about asking to come out and visit soon. Let's see, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, and Arizona. Today I got my first letter from Texas which is a big deal to me because that has been my childhood school."

"It's kind of strange, I couldn't stand A&M, but I went there last weekend and I loved the place. Arizona, TCU, SMU, Texas and Texas A&M I guess you would say are about the top five. I have got stuff Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, and Iowa."

This summer plans to be a busy one for Kemp who wants to get back on the field with his team and improve. They have high goals when it comes to seven on seven. He has already pegged some schools for camp and would like to get to another camp or two. But, this summer will mainly be about the team.

"One of our goals is to get to A&M for seven on seven, we hold seven on seven pretty high at Richland. I will be heading to mini-camp down at Houston and Oklahoma State. I will definitely go to A&M and TCU, that is five miles away from where I live. I would like to go out to Alabama, but besides that mainly staying with the team."

Kemp has size, has good speed and has good arm strength. That is what a lot of quarterbacks say or have, but Kemp was first to note a bit of an intangible quality. One that you don't go to camps to get or to personal trainers to find. He knows that he has some work to do this summer, but so does everyone else. He just knows what he needs to work on already.

"I'd say that my strengths are just being a leader to all of the guys on the team, but besides that I would say arm strength. I have always been able to throw the ball pretty good. I have some things that I need to work on, definitely. One is my quickness. Once I get going I am pretty fast, but just getting out of the pocket and my quickness. I would like to work on the X's and O's of the game, but I think that everyone needs to work on that a little bit."

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