Huskers in pursuit of Texas RB

Things are bigger in Texas...and they're fast too. Backs can't typically carry a lot of size and keep their speed. They are rare, but there is one in Garland (Texas). He can pack a punch when he runs you over or he can run right by you. He has been very busy getting a lot of recruiting attention up to this point including from Nebraska.

Johnny Wooten is just a great football name. The 5-foot-11 and 209 pound running back from Garland (Texas) is quite the player. With that size he still carries a 4.5-flat 40-yard dash time. He had a very solid season last year along with Garland's success.

"We were 11-3," Wooten said. "I think I had 60 rushes for 549 yards and six touchdowns. I know that I had close to 600 yards, but not quite. I averaged nine yards per carry. I won second team all-district running back."

Wooten knows that it is his size and speed combination that make him a very good running back followed closely by vision. "I would have to say my power and my speed. Also my field vision. I don't underestimate anybody, but if you get in my way, I'll run right through you or run around you. That's my job."

One offer is in the books for Wooten, but another has been rumored to have been extended. Wooten has heard about this mysterious offer, but isn't counting it until it is in his hands. Beyond the offers he is receiving recruiting attention from about everyone in the Big XII.

"I have an offer from Texas A&M and I have been told that I have an offer from Texas, but I don't know about that. I will have to see for that myself. I am hearing from just about everybody. There's Texas, Baylor, Texas A&M, LSU, Minnesota, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, and Nebraska."

Wooten is looking for the right situation when it comes to college. He wants to be a good fit to the town, school and the team. "I want to go somewhere that I am comfortable and also a place that fits my running style. Like I said, I have to be comfortable with the offense, not necessarily getting the ball every down, but just to go out there and make things happen."

This summer Wooten plans on working on his endurance and his feet. It isn't so much that he needs to improve his speed, but it's just a good thing to have around. "I would have to say working on my stamina and my footwork. My footwork needs to be a whole lot better. You can never have too much of that and speed."

He is also planning on possibly heading down to Austin for a camp. He is also listening to other coaches about possibly attending other camps. He might also play seven on seven this summer is the right scenario presents itself.

"I might be going down to Texas for camp, but I don't know. If our coach from last year is going to do seven on seven again then I will definitely be doing it again. I don't know if he's doing it though."

Wooten did mention that staying close to home isn't a big consideration right now. That helps a team like Nebraska who isn't exactly close. What else helps Nebraska is how running backs can produce yards and how it fits Wooten's style.

"I like their offense. I like their smash mouth style, straight downhill. They will put you in situations to be a big yard back. They will give you the ball, from what I have been told about them from my coaches, and I would be perfect for their offense. The coaches there have been talking about getting me up there to take a look around. They haven't said much about offering yet."

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