A good one growing up in-state

This seems to be an up year for the state of Nebraska in terms of football talent. Very rarely do you see an in-state player choose a school over Nebraska. You never see Miami recruit Nebraska either. Outside of the Omaha metro area there is another that is already holding a division one offer. Get on I-80 and cruise down to Cozad.

That's right, Cozad (Nebr.). A town that was a household name to many Husker fans in the mid-90s for churning out talent like Chris Dishman and Brendan Holbein. Enter Jared Crick to write his own little piece of prep football history before moving onto to college football.

Cozad was a real powerhouse last year. They have a player that is walking on at Nebraska and are returning two other players that have been getting division one attention. It's easy to understand why they did so well last year.

"We went 9-2," Crick said. "We made it in to the semi-finals. Into the top four teams. I got first team all-state and all-district as a defensive end. I played tight end and had 18 catches for 200 yards or so. I had four rushes for 100 yards. Defensively I had 75 tackles and five sacks."

"We were stacked last year, it was nice. We had Dreu Young who played wide receiver and safety who is walking on at Nebraska. We had Luke Pinkelman who plays offensive line and defensive line too."

Although Crick was quick to point ou that he played offense this past year he has been told that his future in college lies on the other side of the football. "Colleges are recruiting me to play defensive end. I consider myself to be pretty quick, a pretty good pass rusher, I can stop the run and I get off of the ball pretty quick."

Crick had a very good season last year and is physcially impressive at 6-foot-6, 245 pounds and running a 4.8/40. "I have an offer from Kansas. I got it last Wednesday. I am getting quite a bit of interest from Kansas State, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Iowa State. I am looking for the academics first. I am pretty high on that."

Crick has a busy schedule ahead of him this summer. He will be making a stop in Lincoln. "I am going to head to the Kansas camp, the Nebraska camp, I am going to try and make it to a Nike combine either in Ohio or in California. We are getting ready to go to the Chadron State team camp."

Dreu Young talked about his love to be a Husker which was enough for him to choose to walk on as opposed to taking a division two offer. Crick has the same appreciation for the Cornhuskers. "Oh yeah, I am a diehard Nebraska fan. It's been a childhhod dream of mine to be a Husker for as long as I can remember. I didn't get a chance to get down there last year for any unofficial visits."

Crick has a lot going for him already, but he isn't about to hang his hat on last season or the now. He is spending time already trying to get better and get ready for this fall. The time that he spends in camps and combines this summer could springboard him into a lot of other offers.

"I am going ot be focusing on my speed, definitely. I would like to get down to at least a 4.6 by the end of the summer. I am running a 4.8 right now. I'd like to improve my overall strength. I'd like to think that I can get a little stronger and work on my agility."

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