Big, bruising LB likes Nebraska

There are kids that are serious about football. There are kids that are serious about recruiting. Then there are kids that are just serious. Gavin Cooper is one of those kids. While the recruiting game hasn't really technically started yet, he has a pretty good grasp of what is going on. Nebraska is high on his list, but is he high on Nebraska's list?

What Oakland (Calif.) Skyline might be famous for is beating McClymonds two years ago. This past year they were just stacked and Skyline didn't beat them. Gavin Cooper, 6-foot-3, 220 pounds and a 4.75/40, was obviously frustrated when it came to how the team's season went this year, but he still made the most of the year.

"We didn't put it together that well," Cooper said. "We were like 4-6-1. I did alright I guess. I finished with over 100 tackles in nine games. I hurt my knee towards the end of the season. I worked all of that out in rehab; I'm ready to go. I got all-city and East Bay all-star."

Cooper plays the middle linebacker position and it seems that he is being touted to play that position as well in college. You have to love his attitude about playing the position. "I think that I am probably getting recruited as a middle linebacker by everyone. I like to hit hard. I love to just knock people in the dirt."

A PAC 10 team has already stepped up with an offer, but he is getting a lot of other team's attention. He has the benefit of having another division one type player on his team this year that may allow him to get some more exposure.

"I have one offer from Washington right now. Other schools that are recruiting me are California, USC, Northwestern, Arizona State and some other schools. No Big XII schools. Andre Christian our quarterback/DB already got an offer from Nebraska. I'm not getting anything from Nebraska."

While Christian has the offer, Cooper has the interest. "I have a lot of interest in Nebraska. I'd love to play for them and with those corn-fed kids. I know that they like to hit. Nebraska is a good team in the Big XII and they win championships all the time. They have been pretty good this past decade."

Cooper is going to be staying busy, but staying local this summer. "I'm doing a couple of things. I am trying to stay local and not spend money and go a bunch of places. I will be going to a couple of junior days here, going to camp, going to Nike and going to stuff locally. I will be hitting up Cal's junior day."

Speed is the name of the game for Cooper and he wants more of it. It has become the focus of his training and has him in track working on it. "Probably speed. I am doing track right now to get my 40 time down. Get that spring capability. They put me in mostly as throw-in stuff, but I work with the sprinters to work my speed and quickness."

Cooper just thinks that the process of selecting a school is something that will come with time and visits. Distance isn't a big deal to him. In fact, he realizes that with distance and new places comes new perks and that may just be what he is looking for.

"I don't know. When it comes down to it and I take my official visits it's just going to pretty much be how I feel there, how I like it and how the weather is. Whether or not I fit in or not. Distance isn't a big thing. I would play close, I would play far, there are perks for going everywhere."

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