California athlete has Nebraska offer

More times than not you hear that distance is going to be a consideration to some extent. That isn't the case with Andre Christian. The athlete from Oakland (Calif.) Skyline only has an offer from one of the furthest away schools recruiting him, but distance may interest him only more. Could Nebraska get Andre Christian?

When you have an athlete like Andre Christian on your team you want to put the ball in his hands. That is exactly what Oakland (Calif.) Skyline did by putting the 5-foot-11 and 175 Christian under center with his 4.4 speed.

"I had around 12 touchdowns passing, four on the ground and 1200 yards throwing," Christian said. "I was playing quarterback and cornerback last year. I am not really sure of my defensive stats."

Christian is being looked at to play a couple of different positions at the next level. Overall though he is being looked at as an athlete first and foremost.

"I am being looked at by colleges to play cornerback, receiver or you might even want to say as an athlete. Just to get me there and figure out where I fit in. Cornerback really, though."

While Christian didn't play receiver last year it is his abilities overall that make him such a great player. "Overall as a player my strength is my ability to make plays and make things happen on the field. My confidence and knowing how to use my speed and my strength in certain types of situations helps me make plays."

While some schools might be looking at Christian first as a receiver and him not playing that position it won't affect his opinion on that school. He wants to go and play at a position that will help his team.

"Not at all. Wherever I can get on the field and play and have fun doing it. I also want to play where it helps my team. Wide receiver is a position that I would love to play. I can use my speed and my hands to help my team out."

Christian only has one combine planned for the summer. A few others might come up, but as of right now he only knows that he will be heading to Stanford.

"Right now the only thing that I have in mind is the Nike camp. I might attend another college camp or two, but I am not really sure on that. I know for sure that I am going to the Nike camp in Stanford."

One of the reasons Christian won't be hitting a lot of camps is because he will be working hard this summer trying to become an even greater player. When he looks at his goals that he has set they aren't in one area, but they are focused on getting ready for college.

"I am just really trying to get stronger and make myself more of a college-type player. I want to get faster and really improve every part of my game."

There is only one school to have offered Christian as of right now. "I only have an offer from Nebraska right now. I would say that Nebraska offered me two or three weeks ago. Coach Wagner is recruiting me. I haven't had a chance to talk to him because we have been missing each other."

Beyond the offer from Nebraska he is receiving attention from a lot of other schools. "Off of the top of my head I am getting recruiting attention from Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, UNLV, Fresno State, Cal, Washington, Washington State, Utah, and I have got a little mail from USC."

Favorites, pros and cons and other things about particular schools are popular topics with Christian. While he wouldn't claim to have an favorites right now he admits that there are some schools that he is definitely interested in right now.

"I talk to my family and my coaches about the colleges recruiting me. We talk about my favorites all the time and I wouldn't call them my favorites, but I have some schools in mind. Nebraska is high on my list because they have offered and I am interested. I wouldn't mind going to an Oregon, USC or Cal."

Oregon, USC and Cal share a geographic advantage with Christian over Nebraska. Will that affect his decision? "Distance is not a factor at all. I am looking at getting away from home. Distance really doesn't have anything to do with my decision. Me being far away is not a problem at all."

"I know that Nebraska has a strong football program. Their focus, a lot of their focus, is on academics. I like that. I know that they have a lot of tradition at their school. They are recruiting me to play cornerback and receiver I would say."

It would appear that Nebraska is in a very good position with Andre Christian. Stay tuned to Big Red Report for the latest in Nebraska recruiting news!

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