Another Lingenfelter in the fold for Huskers?

It's becoming a little more and more usual to see familiar last names pop up. Last year you have Kyle Moore who is walking on where his brother Jay is at. There is Barrett and Bo Ruud. The latest are cousins who share the same last name of Lingenfelter. Could Luke follow Newton to Lincoln next year?

Luke Lingenfelter is the kind of guy that you won't get a lot of when it comes to conversation, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't pay attention to him. He is a 6-foot-4 and 236 pound defensive end from Plainview (Nebr.) who runs a 4.8. He was in Lincoln this past weekend for Junior Day and has some ties to Lincoln right now.

"Yeah, I was in Lincoln," Lingenfelter said. "I really liked it. Newton Lingenfelter that is in Lincoln now is my cousin. I liked the scrimmage. It was really fast paced and they really kept things moving. I liked that about the scrimmage. It was the professionalism of the practice."

Luke is a leader and helped lead his Plainview team all the way to a state title last year as a junior. He picked up some nice honors too on the defensive side of the ball and proved to be a very versatile on offense playing a number of positions or where he was needed the most.

"We were state champs in Class C-2. I made all-state and second team super-state as a defensive end. I also played offense wherever they needed me. I rotated between the line positions, a little center, played where they needed me."

Despite Luke's versatility on the offensive line it seems that his days playing college football are in front of him playing defense. That doesn't make a difference to him though. He thinks that he makes a very good prospect on defense and would say that he can stop the run as well as he can rush the passer.

"Colleges are looking at me to play defensive end in college. I am pretty strong coming off of the ball. I would say that I am equal at doing pass rushing and run-stopping. I enjoy doing it all."

Lingenfelter knows about at least two other trips that Lincoln this summer, but beyond that he is unsure of any other plans. "I am going to go to some camps this summer. I am going to do the Adidas and the Nebraska camps in Lincoln. Other than that I haven't thought about it too much yet. I don't yet about any combines."

The goal this summer is really to get his game better, all the way around, for the fall with weightlifting. "I am going to be weightlifting this summer. I just want to get ready for football next season, in general. I am not going to concentrate on one area as much as all together. I want to get done as much as I can get done."

There aren't any offers on the table yet for Lingenfelter, but he is getting some nice recruiting attention. If there is one team that is standing out in front of the rest of them it is Nebraska. Not to follow his cousin necessarily, but just the dream to be a Husker.

"Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota State, Colorado and Nebraska are all sending me stuff. I don't have any offers yet. I would say that Nebraska is the team that I am looking at the most. I grew up thinking about playing for Nebraska. It would be awesome to get that chance. It's the tradition from coming in-state and going to Nebraska."

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