Moore is holding a Nebraska offer

One of the top wide receivers in the Lone Star state is already sitting on some pretty nice offers. He is also a real threat on special teams to take kick and punt returns back for touchdowns. Darnius Moore promises to be one of the most highly sought after players as the year goes along.

Darnius Moore was one of the big reasons that Tatum (Texas) came away with a 3A championship last year. The 6-foot-1 and 175 pound receiver was a threat wherever he was on the field. He starred on offense, defense and special teams.

"It went good," Woods said. "It went great actually. We were state champs at the 3A level. I had about 500 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns. I don't know how many receptions. I won all-state as a kick-returner. I had 10 punts that I returned for 50 yards or more and returned a kickoff for a touchdown in the title game."

"I also played cornerback last season. I don't know how many tackles I had, but I had about four interceptions. I like to play wide receiver the most. Most of the schools are looking at me to play wide receiver. I think that all of them are recruiting me for offense except Nebraska I think."

Moore could quite literally star at any of the positions that he plays now at the next level. He attributes much of his ability to great speed.

"Playing wide receiver it is my ability to get open. That is because of my speed and my route running. I also have a height advantage sometimes. Playing defense my strength is my speed to get to the ball. I like to support the run as well as play in pass defense. On special teams my strength is to follow my blocking, my vision."

The offers are slowly coming in for one of the better kept secrets in the state. "I have four. They are Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Houston and Texas A&M. I am also getting recruited by Texas, LSU, Oklahoma and Kansas State. I will be looking at which position a school wants me to play when it comes to my decision."

The leader situation is pretty clear for Moore who would like to attend one of two schools. He wants to run track and play football in college. "I don't know. I do know that I pretty much want to go to either Texas or LSU. It's because they both has a good track team and a good football team. They are also close to home."

When it comes to making the decision, Moore is looking for a few key things in helping him make a decision. "I am looking for good people, a school that is willing to help you out, I will be looking at their coaching as well as their campus. I don't want to go too far away. I would like to stay closer to home.

Moore hopes to make it to a few camps, a combine and check out a few more campuses. He has seen one already. "The only campus I have seen is Texas. I liked their facilities. I was there for their Junior Day. I am going to go to Oklahoma State, LSU and Texas camps. I am going to the Nike combine at A&M in April."

Nebraska did say that they were recruiting Moore for defensive back, but it also said that they would like him at wide receiver. Moore hasn't had a chance to look at Nebraska very closely. "Nebraska said in their letter to me that they wanted me to come there and play wide receiver and cornerback. They are looking at me to play both, possibly. I haven't really looked into Nebraska at all."

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