Another Rusk RB in the fold for Nebraska?

Nebraska fans know the name Cody Glenn. They may or may not be familiar with the town of the area that Glenn comes from in Texas though. Rusk (Texas) is typically a power among 3A schools. Last year they made it into the playoffs on the abilities of a direct-snap running back that probably projects to play running back in college.

Justin Sturns could be the second coming of Cody Glenn. The 5-foot-11 and 205 pound running back had a huge year as a junior at Rusk (Texas). He backed up that season with an impressive performance at the recent combine at Waco.

"Yes sir, I think that I did well," Sturns said. "On one on one drills I think that I did real well because I showed them that I could catch passes out of the backfield. I think that I showed great explosion was as I ran a 4.46 (electronic). I showed my breakaway speed."

"The one thing that upset me was my shuttle run. I ran like a 4.53. I slipped and I just got done running that in our max drills and I ran something like a 4-flat. That kind of made me mad. I think that I made the all-combine team."

Sturns led his team into the playoffs, but admits that things didn't fall into place like they should have. He had a brilliant junior year.

"We made it to the first round of the playoffs. We came up a little short because our minds weren't right in the playoffs. I think that I did pretty well. I had 331 attempts for 2,569 and 38 touchdowns. My longest run was 98 yards. I averaged 7.3 yards per carry."

When you see those stats you just assume that Sturns earned them playing running back, but that isn't the case. "I played quarterback, but since I ran the ball so much they called me a direct snap running-back. So, I didn't catch any passes because my position in high school is really quarterback. I get the ball in my hands each snap this way."

Sturns is getting most of his looks at running back by colleges and recruiting services, but admitted that some schools like him as a quarterback." There are some small universities that said that I could get my chance to play quarterback. But most of the big schools and what I am being touted to play is for running back."

What Sturns does well is getting into the open field and his vision takes over. "The way that I get into the open field. I can set up a play, a person to go in the wrong direction, by making a cut in the open field. I think that is what separates me from other backs."

Sturns doesn't have any offers yet, but he thinks that there might be a couple of reasons for that. "Not yet. I think that TCU was talking about coming down and talking to me about their situation some time here pretty soon. Texas Tech and Texas have been talking to me about getting a better look at me. They have been talking to me about coming to their junior day and they said that is where they offer most of the time."

"Oklahoma started sending me handwritten letters not too long ago. I am just now getting in touch with my recruiting coach from there. Arkansas started sending me handwritten letters just recently too. To tell you the truth, Nebraska just started sending handwritten letters too."

"Coach Randy Jordan has been writing talking about how Nebraska could really use me at running back. I need to call them and get in touch with them. I want to talk to them about the program and stuff like that."

Sturns is familiar with another running back from Rusk that has made his way up to Nebraska, Cody Glenn. Sturns really looked up to Glenn when he was in Rusk. "He was a guy that was determined to accomplish his goals. He wouldn't let anything come in his way from accomplishing his goals. I saw that and used that to motivate me as a young player. That is what I remember from Cody; to never give up."

Sturns believes that there is a chance that he could follow Glenn to Nebraska just based on the similarities between Glenn and himself. He would have to take a look to be sure though. "Yeah, because I think that Cody and I are somewhat alike. I think that if he would like Nebraska that I would be interested. But I don't know for sure. I need to take a visit to be sure."

There are a few schools that are standing out to Sturns right now. He has some ideas what he is looking for in a school. One of the biggest things though might be how quickly can he get onto the football field.

"I would have to say that Texas Tech, TCU and Texas are probably my favorites right now. I am looking for how I feel on the campus and whether or not it's the right surroundings for me. I am also going to look at how I get along with the coaches and the people that will surround me in the environment there."

"Also playing time. If they say that if I can play as a freshman or start. Really, what I am looking for is playing time. I am looking for a place that I can come in and play right away. I am not scared to work and don't care about competition. Distance is a consideration, but playing time is the most important thing to me."

Other than the combine, Sturns is just starting to think about what schools he might be able to take a trip to go see. He noted that one concern that schools might have about offering him is that he is a very good baseball player as well.

"I am really going to sit down and take a look at the games and the schools that I can make it to and the ones that I can't. Another reason why schools aren't sure about offering me is because they really don't know what I am going to do in baseball. Some places are saying that if I only played football I would already have an offer."

"My schedule isn't limited by my baseball, but my coaches understand the situation with football. It won't be a problem, but it might hurt my team a little bit. I play pitcher and centerfield. I am a real good athlete. I am a lefty and I through mid to high 80's to the low 90's."

"I have thought about playing both in college, but the schools want me to play football for them. I haven't gotten any looks for baseball yet. Wherever I go to school I would like to go and play baseball too. The Pittsburgh Pirates got in touch with my coaches about possibly drafting me because they thought I was a senior."

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