Huskers will host top athlete

Junior days and spring games are chances for recruits to get out and see some schools. This weekend is Nebraska's spring game and the Director of Football Operations, Tim Cassidy, announced that there would be about 80 recruits in the stands this weekend. One of the best told Big Red Report tonight that he will be there for sure.

Nebraska was the first to offer Oakland (Calif.) Skyline athlete, Andre Christian. He is currently in the middle of spring break in California, but he isn't resting. He is using his time wisely to get some extra workouts in.

"I worked out earlier this morning," Christian said. "Plus, I just got done finishing up a little while ago again. I hit it twice today. We are on spring break so I figured I had to hit it extra hard this week."

Andre is also using his time to take a trip or two to check out some schools. Tomorrow he leaves on quite a trip, but he doesn't know what to expect when he gets there. He is just looking to feel comfortable.

"I am leaving for Nebraska tomorrow. I am going there with my mom and dad. I haven't been to Nebraska before. I am looking to feel comfortable, kind of like I do when I am just at home. I am just waiting to have a good experience out there."

"I really have no idea what to expect when I get there. To tell you the truth, I really don't know too much about the state. I am just going out there and I am going to go off just by what I see."

With mom and dad coming along is it possible that the distance will start to set in and the trip could affect feelings about Nebraska negatively? "Not at all. The decision is on me. If I decide to go across the country then they would be happy with that. If I decide to stay at home they would be happy with that."

This is Christian's second trip this week. The first was a trip that was more convenient to make. "I went to Cal earlier this week, but that was nothing too big. Cal is close to home so you can never go wrong with that. They haven't offered me yet."

While Christian is only sitting on two offers right now there is little doubt that more will catch up with him. He isn't sure on the time that it will take for him to go through the recruiting process at all. In fact, he wouldn't mind committing early.

"San Diego State and Nebraska are the only two offers that I have. I wouldn't mind committing early, but I do want to go through the process a little bit more to weigh my options and fully make the decision that I want to make. I just want to wait a little more."

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