A new name checks out Nebraska's spring game

The internet has its proponents and opponents and for good reason. While there is a wealth of information to be had, there's also a certain amount of garbage to filter out in getting to that information. Well, one Wisconsin prep didn't have any trouble doing that and because of what he saw, he took an unofficial to Nebraska. By the way, he thinks the real thing is far better than what he saw on-line.

Louis Nzegwu was getting plenty of letters from schools including Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Iowa – all pretty close to where he lives. So, a letter from the University of Nebraska shouldn't have stood out all that much in comparison to programs he knew far better from his years growing up.

Oddly enough, Nebraska is one of the schools he's actually visited, Louis recently arriving at home from the annual Red/White game in Lincoln.

So, why visit Nebraska?

"I didn't know much about them, so I looked up their site on the internet and I thought it was pretty cool," Louis said. "So, I took a visit down there and went and saw the game."


"The real thing is much better than what they had on their site," he said. "The crowd was amazing. I have never seen anyone get that many people in for a scrimmage."

Not many have, Nebraska year in and year out one of the top if not the top school in regard to the populations they pack in for these glorified practices. It was one of a few things that Louis noticed, which didn't necessarily surprise him, but definitely stood out. "The crowd was great, but you look at their recruits, the players that signed with them and their tradition, it would be a great program to attend," Louis said.

At almost 6 foot, 3 inches tall, weighing approximately 200 pounds, Louis has almost an ideal frame. His 305 lbs. bench and over 500 pound squat make him more than just someone physically suited for the next level. In addition, Louis said that his best 40 is a 4.59 and his best vertical is a whopping 42 inches.

Can you guess which position he's being recruited for by most?

"Most schools seem to look at me as a receiver, but some like Nebraska are looking at me as a running back," Louis said.

The position behind the quarterback is what Nzegwu prefers, having a year's worth of starting experience at the position, playing for Platteville high school in Platteville, Wisconsin. Louis averaged over six yards per carry as a junior as he amassed over 1,600 yards on the ground, toting it into the end zone 15 times. On top of that, Louis adds potency to the return game and as you might guess, if called upon, he can play receiver too.

What Louis considers his strength, though, would give you a fair idea of just which position that he would ultimately like to play. "I like my stiff arm," Louis said of his strength on the football field. "We've actually been taught where to put the hand and it's the lower left part of the face mask."

"I was a little hesitant when I first started doing it," he continued. "But now I just love doing it, especially when you can just put a player down."

With his frame, Nzegwu has been compared physically to Eric Dickerson, the long strider known for his slighter frame, but incredible running ability. But Louis said that he's also been compared to Eddie George, because he combines his size with a very physical style of play.

With these kinds of comparisons, his position of choice is obvious, but as he said, not completely concrete. "If something fits me better, I'd play that. I am not stuck at playing only running back," he said. "But if everyone was equal and one school wanted me as a running back and the other as a receiver, then it might be a factor."

Nzegwu figures he'll have a little more time to prove he's even more capable than he's proven thus far. With the clear idea of getting bigger, stronger, faster and all around better, he's got his eyes on the sky.

As to the recruiting process, though, while the attention has been good, he's gotten no written offers far and he's not thinking about it so much that it's really that big of a deal. Based on what he knows at this point, his trip to Nebraska gives him some idea of at least one school he wouldn't mind seeing on that final list. "It'd be hard not to put Nebraska at one or two, somewhere in there along with Iowa and Illinois," he said. "They have a great program and it's just a lot more than I thought it would be."

"I don't have any real plans right now when it comes to camps, so I don't know who else I will be checking out over the summer. But the trip to Nebraska was definitely a good idea. I really liked what I saw."

Over the next few weeks Louis has camps scheduled, but they aren't college camps. They are high school camps, held throughout the area, arguably the most important one, what Louis describes as a state combine held at Brookfield, Wisconsin, where he said many Division 1-A coaches attend.

"That's where you get a chance to show what you can do. So, that's what I am hoping to do. We'll see."

Louis has a 2.7 GPA right now

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