Jensen enjoys being Husker fan, recruiter

It would be considered ironic that a Colorado native would be amongst the most avid or perhaps to put it a better way, crazed Husker fans around. But when you see future Husker Seth Jensen take to the field, still not even yet officially clad in red, you'd be hard pressed to find someone more insane. That's why he was one of those who took it upon himself to use this spring game trip to see if he could lure in yet more potential Huskers, including quarterback Jarrett Lee.

You want a recruiter?

Think of the criteria for that person you are looking for:

Energetic, passionate, knowledgeable, persistent, detailed

Enter Seth Jensen

He's all of that and then some, at least when he's talking about Nebraska

After all of his trips to see the Huskers, you'd think that attending yet another spring game, yet another game in Lincoln, this would all be old hat. Seth would be the first one to disagree. "I get pumped every time I hear that music and you walk out during the tunnelwalk," he said. "It's weird, because this was the last game I'll see as just another fan watching. The next time will be for real."

That time can't come soon enough, but Seth isn't dawdling as he's not just here for pleasure. While it wasn't slated to be any sort of business trip, he figured he'd do his best for the cause.

With almost 80 recruits in attendance, there were going to be some amongst them, who were of particular interest to the Huskers. Amongst them was Nebraska's current best shot at one of the elite quarterbacks in the country, Brenham, Texas standout Jarrett Lee.

As the premier quarterbacks have been committing, the list has decreased considerably of the quarterbacks who fit what Nebraska wants to do. Fortunately for the Huskers, Lee, someone who fits that system coming from a fairly wide open attack of his own, is very much looking at the big red.

Jensen took it upon himself to make sure that if Lee had any questions, he would supply the answers and be certain that when Lee left, he did so knowing everything he could about NU. "I was in his head the whole time," Jensen said of his conversations with Lee. "I just wanted to tell him all about the place and tell him why I chose Nebraska."

That brings some memories to Jensen, him thinking about the day when he visited a Colorado camp and at that time, he knew where he wanted to go. In fact, it was only because of his mom he took the visit to see Nebraska, because she told him to be sure.

"I was 90 percent positive I was going to Nebraska after I visited there. In fact, I really wanted to commit," Seth said. "But my mom said that I needed to take the trip to Nebraska so I would be sure about what I wanted to do."

The trip didn't start off that well, though, Jensen not even a few hours into the visit, seemingly even more convinced that he was going to be a Buff. It wasn't until one particular thing happened when everything changed.

"Right up until I went to that spring game last year I hated my trip at Nebraska," he said. "I didn't want to be there and I thought everything I heard about Nebraska was a joke. I came out in that tunnelwalk, though, and saw all those fans, that's when everything changed."

Not long after that Jensen camped at Nebraska, convinced that he wanted to be a Husker. He waited on his commit, but since that time, one could argue that out of all those coming into this class for 2006, it might be this Colorado native who is the most avid if not plan and simply crazy.

When Jensen talked to Lee about Nebraska, he made it pretty clear how he felt about his future home and how he thought Lee should look at Nebraska right now. "I told him that if he made anymore visits to schools, he was wasting his time," Seth said. "I knew after I visited Nebraska, that was it, my visits were done and this was where I wanted to be."

"I even remember Menelik Holt was standing by us and I introduced Jarrett, telling "Meno", ‘Hey, this is the quarterback who will be throwing you ball',"

"Lee just laughed, but I told him this is where he should be."

During the course of the game Seth will admit that he didn't see much of the game itself. Between the signing of autographs, which he said trumped the amount he signed last year, and the conversations he was having with not just Lee, but other recruits like Michael Keck, Andre Christian, Phillip Bates and even future Husker Niles Paul, the game was what it was.

It didn't take away from the experience, though, because he enjoyed very much one of the biggest reasons he chose Nebraska in the first place. "Just look at the fans, I know nobody else has anything like this and I told Jarrett that too," Seth said. "You aren't going to get this anywhere else."

"He'll see that. I don't care where he goes. He'll see that there's nothing like this anywhere else – not even close."

Jensen can't help but think about his first game as a Husker. Weighing 285 pounds, sporting an impressive body fat count of 18 percent, Jensen is feeling good about his potential, especially early on. It's what makes him even more excited about getting to Nebraska and finally getting his shot with the big red.

He knows he's got a legit shot to play his first year.

"The nutritionist says I am right where I need to be as far as my size and all that," Seth said. "And you look at Adam Carriker, he's a monster, but they told me that I am actually a lot bigger than he was when he first got to Nebraska."

"That's going to be great to see where I can get and how good I can be, but I am hoping that when that first tunnelwalk gets played when I am there, I'll be on the field as a freshman. That's one of my goals for sure."

He's heard the tunnelwalk seemingly thousands of times right now and you'd think he would be numb to it, the now famous theme song just another tune in his head. Jensen said that isn't even close to the case, because he knows in his mind that what he feels coming out when the music is playing right now, is nothing compared to when he's doing it for real.

"I'm going to go nuts, I know it," he said. "It gives me goose bumps right now. I don't even know what it will do to me when it's the real thing. It is going to be crazy."

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