Christian rates trip a "10"

It's always an encouraging sign when you get a player from California to come take an unofficial visit to Nebraska for the spring game. It's always more encouraging when the player's parents come along and enjoy the trip as well. Nebraska was hosting Andre Christian this weekend who rated the trip an "10".

Nebraska hosted one of the top athletes from California, Andre Christian. Christian is a 5-foot-10 and 175 pound athlete from Oakland (Calif.) Skyline. He will be lining up under center this fall, but his future might be playing defensive back in college.

Christian was one of many players that were on hand for the Nebraska spring game this weekend. The numbers aren't official, but the early word is 80+ visitors with seven of those visitors holding Nebraska offers.

"The trip was great," Christian said. "I really had a good experience. I got a good feel for the school, the town, how the people were acting, of course about football and about life there in general."

Christian didn't know what to expect on his trip. He hadn't been to Nebraska before and knew little about the area. He knew that it would be different, but when he got there he found Nebraska to be something that he could get used to.

"Actually it was as country as I thought it was going to be like. I thought that it might be flat land and nothing there, but it was a small town, very quiet, there isn't any ocean there and it is something that I would have to adjust to. I don't think that would be a problem."

Another first for Christian was his attending a spring game. He was blown away by the fans for a scrimmage game. "The Nebraska spring game was my first spring game experience. It was amazing being in an atmosphere like that with 57,000 fans at a practice game. They just went crazy over the football team."

Christian also got a chance to take a look at the new facilities as well as see the facelift that the north stadium is going through. "I got to tour the new facilities there in Lincoln. It is just amazing to see that they are re-building something that is already state of the art."

Beyond the game, the coaches and the fans were some of the highest points of the trip. "I went to look at every aspect of the school. I was very impressed with the academic support to the students with all of the tutors. I was very impressed me. That was one of the high points for me."

The interesting thing about unofficial visitors is that recruits travel on their own dime. Andre didn't come to Lincoln alone. In fact, he brought both of his parents with him to Lincoln and they came away as impressed as Andre did.

"They were very impressed with everything and the academic support as well. That is really their main goal in making sure that I choose the right school because of the academic support, making sure that I graduate and get my degree. Football isn't always going to be there."

Christian got some one on one time with a few of the coaches and got to meet some of the players that have already signed with Nebraska from last year. "I got a chance to meet with just about everyone of the coaches. I got to meet with Bill Callahan and Dennis Wagner. I also met Phil Elmassian all one on one. I didn't get a chance to meet any players, but I did meet some guys that had already signed from last year."

While this was his only spring game that he could rate, Christian game the Nebraska visit and trip as a whole experience a very high mark. "I would rate it nothing less than a "10". An official visit to Nebraska for me this fall is in the plans."

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