Michael Such plans on being a Husker

The walk on program at Nebraska is legendary. It hasn't been that way recently as the popular opinion seems to be that the walk on program is no more. Try telling that to players like Justin Makovicka, who now makes the third member of that family to walk on to be part of the big red. You don't need to be a Nebraskan, though, as Michael Such will attest. He saw Nebraska this weekend and he's all set, ready to be a Husker.

Ranking as one of the top punters in his region in the largest classification in Texas, Michael Such could entertain almost whoever when it comes to exploring the opportunities to walk on.

The 6 foot, 2 inch, 205 pound senior averaged over 41 yards per punt last season, with a long of 80 and without the lovely roll of the football, he hit one punt from his toe to the receiver with no return, an impressive 58 yards.

Michael takes his punting very seriously as he does with anything else. But with this, he knows what he can do. "I know what I am doing when it comes my technique and I know how to drive through the ball," Such said. "I think I know what it takes to be a great punter."

You can probably recall in your head the Ray Guy award, that oh-so familiar figure of the famed Oakland Punter, his leg fully extended above his head as he delivered one of his patented mammoth punts.

That particular form isn't just a Ray Guy thing, but something Such says is key to great punting. "You have to push through the ball and not just stop and pop it, because you are losing a lot of speed you can generate to get the ball to go farther down the field," he said.

"A lot of what you do is about how much speed you can generate in your leg and a lot of that speed actually comes after you strike the ball."

In the first round of the playoffs this last season, against what would be the eventual state champion, Southlake Carroll high school, Such said he averaged 46 yards per punt inside of Texas Stadium, having punted eight times on the night. In comparison, Dallas Cowboys starting punter, three year veteran Mat MacBriar averaged just over 44 yards per punt whenever Dallas was at home.

You don't have to ask Such how his stats match up, because he already knows. And that's because he knows where he eventually wants to be. "My dream is to play in the NFL," he said. "I work very hard at what I do and at getting to be as good as I can be."

"Someday I want to be punting on Sundays and I honestly think I have what it takes."

Before that Michael will venture off to college, but up until this last weekend, he wasn't sure where that would be. Texas Tech wanted him to walk on in Lubbock and Iowa State wanted Such to walk on in Ames. And maybe it would have eventually came down to those two.

Not anymore.

Following his visit to see the annual Red/White game at Nebraska, Michael says he knows where he wants to be.

"If I could have made my decision, I would have and I would definitely be going to Nebraska," he said. "I saw everything I wanted to see. They have too many Academic All-Americans to count and I know about the Nebraska tradition."

The decision to officially walk on at Nebraska will wait until he talks it over with his parents, which will happen before this next weekend arrives. But he said that if it's his way, he said it's basically a done deal.

And while academics are nice and he loved everything he saw about the campus, Michael's ultimate reason for going to Nebraska was something most have become used to hearing from recruits. "They bring in almost 60 thousand for a scrimmage?" Such asked in disbelief. "There's nobody that can say that. I know I haven't seen it. I haven't even heard of something like that."

"You see something like that when this isn't even the season, I can't even imagine what those fans are like during the year."

"That's just crazy. I mean, that's just incredible to have that kind of following."

With Nebraska losing their starting punter Sam Koch, who also did most of the holding last year, Michael finds Nebraska in need of someone to take his place. Now the Huskers do have some quality replacements like sophomores Dan Titchener, Jake Wesch and Tyler Kester, but Such said they could use one more.

"I do the punting here and I do the holding here," Michael said of playing for the Allen Eagles. "I have gotten used to that and I know Nebraska has a veteran long snapper. I watched those other guys punt and I'm not saying they aren't good, but I think I can do better."

A cocky punter?

Yeah, why not?

I think anyone in the competitive arena would tell you that if you aren't confident, you aren't going anywhere. Well, that's not where Michael plans to be. He's got high hopes, big goals and if he has his way about it, he'll continue those come the fall with the Huskers.

He's confident, yes, but he's also realistic and he figures as long as he multiplies what got him to this point, he's got a real chance to get where he eventually wants to go. "It takes hard work, a lot of dedication and you have to be able to stick through it until the end," Such said.

"I talked to the staff at Nebraska and they said I have a legit opportunity at earning a scholarship as early as this fall. That's good enough for me, because that place is great and it's going to help me be the best I can possibly be."

"All I want is the opportunity. I know it's up to me to make the most of it and I plan to."

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