Pritchard names top seven

Blake Pritchard is a standout lineman on both sides of the ball. He is probably destined to play his ball in college on the defense, but as for right now he will probably be one of the better two-way lineman in the state of Florida. Pritchard just returned from an in-state school and narrowed his list to a top seven. Who made the cut?

While Blake Pritchard has yet to pull in his first offer it seems that the first could come any day. The 6-foot-5 and 295 pound lineman from Jacksonville (Flor.) Sandalwood just returned from one of the bid three, in-state schools.

"I took a little visit to Florida State," Pritchard said. "I love that school to death."

One of the biggest questions that has to be on anyone's mind recruiting Pritchard from out of state would be if they could get him to leave the state? Blake admits, getting him to leave Florida could be tough. "It could be, I am not sure yet. I am still thinking about that."

It is still very early in the process, but Blake has said that one of the biggest reasons that he could leave the state is because of the coaches. He names three head coaches that to this point have stood out in their approach to him with how personable they seem to be.

"I would say the coaches. You have to look at the coaches are with the players on the field. But then of course you have your Bill Callahan of Nebraska, Urban Meyer of Florida and Bobby Bowden of Florida State that talk to you away from the field and they are real cool away from the field. You can take your problems to them."

There is one position coach that gets an honorable mention, but a dubious one at that. Pritchard may have mentioned that Coach Callahan at Nebraska seems like a very personable coach, but another coach has earned Pritchard's respect as well. "I love John Blake too. He is one of the coolest coaches that I have met. Out of all the schools I have gone to and all of the coaches I have met Coach John Blake is one of the coolest coaches I have met. It is just that simple."

The offers for Pritchard could literally be right around the corner. If a previous performance at a combine has made any schools hesitate on Pritchard then that will soon come to an end. He is planning on doing the combine again in three weeks. Additionally, he feels like the evaluation period will open some eyes.

"I am going to the combine again in Boca Raton on May 13. I am pretty sure (that an offer is close). I know that I am going to have a good performance at the combine. I will have a lot of coaches coming in this spring too and they will offer me then."

While Pritchard hasn't picked up that first offer he has still had to go back and pare down his list a little. While the door would still be open for anyone to come in and offer he told Big Red Report that there are seven teams that are currently standing out.

"I have thought about it a lot. There is Florida, Florida State, Miami, of course Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio State and Georgia Tech. I have been to see Nebraska, Georgia Tech and Florida State. I will be going to Florida. I will get down to Miami too. I am going to the Iowa camp for their senior camp. I have family around the Columbus area in Ohio so I can get up there to see them."

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