Lee talks about visit to Lincoln

Unofficial visits are tricky. Sometimes there isn't time that can be spent between the recruit, the coaches and the players. Other times, there is just too much stuff that happens that your head spins. There seems to be a right combination for being busy and being able to take things in yourself. Lee was very happy about being able to take in the spring game in Lincoln this past weekend.

It was a long day on Friday, but it was worth it for Jarrett Lee. The 6-foot-3 and 190 pound quarterback from Brenham (Texas) took off to see Nebraska and then got a chance to hang out with Nebraska's head coach for a while that night.

"We took of Friday about noon and got there about 5:00 or 6:00," Lee said. "We took off out of Houston, flew to Dallas and then flew into Omaha. It wasn't bad at all."

"We went to their baseball game, Nebraska versus Texas A&M, so it was pretty cool to get to spend some time and sit and talk with him through that. It was great to just be able to sit and talk. Not only to talk about football, but also things about life. It was just fun. They were down to Earth guys and I enjoyed that a lot."

Saturday morning was busy again for Lee. He got a chance to take a tour and see some things other than about the athletics. After that though, Lee got a chance to witness something like he had never seen before. A spring game in front of 57,000 fans really blew away his expectations of the game.

"We got a tour of their facilities and we got a chance to check out their academics. We just got a chance to talk with some coaches a little more and talk to some fans. That was real cool. The atmosphere was really great."

"I have never seen anything like that. I mean the fans were just crazy and it's cool just to see them, to be there and experience that. It was just amazing. I was at Texas A&M's spring game two weeks before. It was pretty cool to see both of those places."

"I had heard about their spring games and how they sell out, but after experiencing it was unexplainable. You have to come there to see it for yourself. I signed quite a few autographs. It was cool. People knew who I was. That was the weird thing about it."

One thing that Lee got to see for himself was Nebraska and the city of Lincoln, close up. What did he think about the area? "Being from Texas when you think about going away to college it's usually in bigger towns. Lincoln sort of had that small town atmosphere and I really enjoyed that I liked that."

There might have been a little deja vu in the stands for Lee on Saturday watching Zac Taylor and Nebraska go to work on offense. Lee couldn't help but notice some similarities in how Nebraska and Brenham operate.

"They kind of run similar to what we do, play-action, sprint outs and all that. I was kind of cool just sit there and just compare them to us. I could see that we were kind of similar and that I do some of the same things that they do really well."

While he did notice some similarities with Nebraska and their starting quarterback he didn't get a real good chance to talk to Taylor. He did note the situation that exists at quarterback. "I didn't get sit down with Zac Taylor, but I did get to talk to him as they were warming up. You have to look at their situation with their quarterbacks and with their starter leaving. You have to look at that and jus think positive about that."

Beyond the game, Lee noted the efforts to upgrade and expand the facilities in Lincoln. "Their facilities are already amazing and they are already adding on. They are also building a new academic center and that is just going to be all the more amazing. They are just doing some many great things that just years to come they will be great."

Lee didn't travel alone. He brought his father, Steven, who seemed to have a similar experience to Jarrett on the trip. "He had never seen anything like it either. Once again, it's one of those things that you have to witness it yourself."

One of the things that can work against a school in a situation like this is distance. Lee had to catch a connecting flight and be in the air for about four hours. He admitted that distance was a thought going into the process, but after making the trip it wasn't such a big deal.

"That was one of the things going in, distance. We went into Houston and we flew into Dallas then to Omaha and it was only about a four hour plane trip. Then of course there was the cost, but the trip itself was only about four hours. All in all, it really wasn't that bad. I don't think that travel is really an issue."

Lee has had the chance to see at least one other spring game and campus to compare Nebraska to. So, how would the trip to Nebraska rate on a scale of one to ten? "It was high, I am saying I would give it a "10". It was just amazing. I would rate it that high."

A decision may not be coming at any moment for Lee, but one isn't all that far off either. He doesn't think that he will take any official visits before making a decision. That could mean a decision later this spring or in the summer.

"I definitely want to do it before the season so I can focus on our team and the season that we have. I don't know if it will be this spring or this summer. It will just happen when it happens. I probably want to make the decision before I ever take any official visits."

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