Lawrence enjoys visit to Nebraska

If Blake Lawrence were to go to Kansas it might not shock anyone. His brother is there. It's close. Kansas offered early in the process as well. However, Blake is going through the process. Blake was in Lawrence Friday night and in Lincoln on Saturday morning. How did the visits go?

Blake Lawrence, a 6-foot-3 and 205 pound linebacker from Shawnee Mission (Kans.) Shawnee Mission West, had a busy weekend. He took in two spring games. The first, is his brother's choice from last year, Tyler, who was part of the 2006 Kansas recruiting class as a quarterback.

"It was a pretty basic trip," Lawrence said. "I have been to Kansas countless times in the last year for my brother and for myself. It's pretty much like all of the others."

"I talked to the coaches a little bit. I got a chance to talk with Coach Mangino and he just had a couple of things to say before the game started. I spoke with Coach Bowen who is my main recruiter there. He's done a great job so far. Other than the normal it was just a good game environment. The support is definitely there and they love their team."

Admittedly to Lawrence, the chance to play college football with his brother is pretty special. The offer has been there and it will continue to be throughout the process. He's glad that it will be because it will come up repeatedly in trying to weigh the options about where does he want to play college football?

"It really does. I am really glad that the offer did come early because it gives me an opportunity to weigh things. Every issue with choosing a school can come back to 'Do I want to play with my brother?' or 'Do I want to get away for school?'. It's definitely a special offer for me to play with my brother for another four or five years which would be a treat."

After a late night on Friday, coming home after Lawrence, Blake and his family were up early and at it again on Saturday morning to leave for Lincoln. There were some things that really stood out to Lawrence and his family. However, one thing that stands out negatively is that he and his family didn't get a chance to talk to any coaches.

"I think that I woke up around 5:30 that morning. All of my parents went with me to Lincoln. We got there about 9:45. I didn't get any opportunities to talk to any of the coaches which is probably the only negative, but everything else made up for it; the environment, the way that they conduct their game activities and the way that their fans treat their team. It was just unbelievable from a player's perspective and from a fan's perspective too."

Lawrence and his family may not have got a chance to talk to a coach, but they did talk to one of the recruits from last year. It was hard to take the word about the spring game as it was just at lunch. However, Blake could tell from the recruit's family that they were genuinely enthused about being Cornhuskers and got a chance to verify their words at the game shortly after.

"We met with Seth Jensen and his family at lunch. You could tell that they were very pumped up to be part of Nebraska. Being in an environment like that it's easy for me to understand why they were so excited. They talked to us before lunch before we got a chance to experience it and be on the field. I was just kind of thinking is this going to be everything that they are talking it up to be? Once I got out there it was every bit as excellent as what they described."

Blake got an experience that he had never had before coming to Lincoln. It is one that when you ask just about every other recruit that visits Nebraska gets to experience, but that always admit that it is very special.

"I got sign autographs. That was the first time that anyone has ever reached out and asked for one of my autographs. It was cool. I know that they do that for a lot of recruits, but that was just sort of a treat. There were 57,000 fans and I have never seen that at a college game. I have never been in that kind of environment. It's unreal because it's basically a practice. They get that type of turn-out for a practice, in the spring, out of season shows the true love for football in Nebraska."

The visit received a high score from Lawrence, but it could have been higher. He does know what an experience at Nebraska might rate in front of a full stadium, on a game day in the fall on the sideline though.

"I give it a "7" or an "8". What could up that is obviously talking to a coach; getting to know Coach Cosgrove a little more. I understand how they are busy with their players. A "10"? A "10" would be gameday in Lincoln on the sidelines. That would be a "10". We'll see if I get to make it up this fall when it's 80,000+, full. I look forward to seeing that as much as I look forward to seeing 57,000 in a practice."

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