Romine enjoys unofficial to Lincoln

Matt Romine is looking for something that you will only get if you get a chance to visit a school. It's not just how he is with the coaches, what the town is like or if he fits in well with the players. It's all of the above. Nebraska had a chance to host Romine, but how did they stack up to his requirements?

Nebraska was hosting a big visitor yesterday. Matt Romine from Tulsa (Okla.) Union took the time during the week to make the trip to Lincoln to check out the Cornhuskers. It was a busy day, but he had finally made his way back to the hotel later last night.

"I am up in Lincoln right now," Romine said. "I just got back up into the hotel room. It was just an unofficial visit. It was awesome. All of the new facilities that they are building and all of the people were very nice. It went very well."

Romine admits that the new construction on the facilities stood out the most. He was also impressed with the academic support center. "Things that stood out the most were the new facilities on the north side and also the academic center that they have going in there."

Matt has a familiar name recruiting him, former head coach at Oklahoma, John Blake. He got a chance to meet about all of the coaches in Lincoln, but found most of his time being spent with a trio of them. "John Blake is recruiting me. I got a chance to speak with a bunch of coaches, but I basically just spoke with Coach Wagner, Coach Blake and Coach Callahan."

Romine also got a chance to meet a pair of teammates, and roommates, who took the lineman out to see the forms and maybe answer a question or two. "I checked out the dorms just a second ago with Craig Roark and Matt Slauson. I saw the dorms with them and those were pretty nice. Mainly though I just got a chance to see all of the football facilities, weight room and the academic center."

The recent Nebraska offer brings Matt's total to nine. Number 10 could be on the way. "I got an offer from Nebraska about three weeks ago. I also have offers from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State, Tulsa, Arkansas, Notre Dame and Houston. I think that Alabama is pretty close to offering too. Right now I am just keeping it open, taking a few of these visits then after that I will sort it all out."

The stop in Lincoln is really just part way for where he will be heading on Thursday. "I leave tomorrow morning to fly to South Bend so I can go to Notre Dame's practice on Friday and the Blue-Gold game on Saturday. All of these places I am visiting I am going to see how well I fit in with the school and the offensive scheme."

Romine has had the plans to see Nebraska and Notre Dame, but other than a camp coming up his plans are kind of open this spring and summer. "I am probably going to be going to the USC Rising Senior Camp, but that is the only one that I have planned for sure. That will probably be my next trip."

Overall, Romine is looking for a combination of things that all together would equal what he needs to be comfortable with. Romine had a lot of good things to say about the time that he spent in Lincoln and especially his conversation that he and his father had with the head coach at Nebraska.

"Just knowing how I fit in at the college, the town and if I fit in there. Today I really liked Nebraska because I felt comfortable there. Coach Callahan really surprised me with how down to earth he was. He talked to me and my dad for about 35 or 40 minutes about football and about other stuff. I really liked that a lot and how I would fit in with the team as well."

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