Edwards as methodical off the field as on

Lorenzo Edwards approaches everything about the same way: methodical and systematically. When it comes to his work out regiment, it's carefully orchestrated to give him the best results with the utmost in efficiency. With recruiting, it's the same thing. When choosing the right school, he's got his process almost down to a science.

With over 20 offers, most recruits would be basking in the limelight, just happy to be them, knowing all of their hard work paid off. Well, to an extent, that's true as Edgewater high school's Lorenzo Edward is proud of what he's done. But he hasn't sat back and appreciated his efforts too much, because with the offers climbing, he knows he has work to do.

"I've got to get this all figured out, man," Edwards said of trying to narrow his list. "The schools keep coming and I have a long ways to go in figuring out all of these places."

The process is easy for most, because they remember what they saw on tv or know which coaches they like the most, from the ones they have talked to thus far. Not for Edwards, though. He's got a pretty in-depth process.

"First thing I do is check out the web site of the University and not the team," he said. "I am taking Architectural Engineering, so I want to see who has what I want in that area and then I see how certain schools rank."

Once that's done, the process of looking at the actual team can begin, but it doesn't get any easier for schools as his criteria isn't just about location, weather and the previous record. "I want to know what the coaches are like, because that's who I have to be with for the next four years," he said. "Then I look at what they do on defense, the kind of players they have and how that team plays."

"I don't look at record much, because I am going to get my education first, because my mom has her foot, ankle, elbow and everything else in my back, making sure I am there for the right reason."

Can't argue with mom, but within all the searching for the right academic institution, you'd be foolish to think that Edwards doesn't look at other things too. Tradition does come into play a bit as do to the fans, and the depth chart is always a concern. The problem Edwards is having now, of the 20+ offers, he really can't eliminate anyone.

"That's going to be a big problem, because schools close to here like Florida State, Georgia Tech and North Carolina – they have good engineering programs," he said. "And from what I have studied about other schools that have offered me, they have good programs too."

"I don't know how I am going to get it chopped down, but I know I will."

Lorenzo has done some research already, taking unofficial visits to see Miami and Florida State. And on the 28th of this month, he'll head up to check out Notre Dame. While he's in the area, Northwestern, one of his most recent offers, will probably be a place he'll check out as well.

That's the off-season for Edwards. While he's honing his body to become bigger, stronger and faster, he's looking at schools, which will make him better on and off the field. There isn't a favorite amongst these teams. Edwards said that it's not even close and he's not close to even chopping it down.

We'd call his current list of offers his top twenty-something, but Edwards can't agree with that. With his popularity booming and other teams like Clemson and Duke recently jumping on board with offers, his list keeps on growing. "If I think I am getting it narrowed down, more schools come in and offer," he said.

"That's why I am not going to even try and figure everything out until after my season is done. When that time comes, I can really sit down, look at the schools, figure out what I know and I'll have a good idea of where I will want to be."

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