Following in big footprints

There is such a thing as lineage when it comes to football. This year for Nebraska fans you have read, repeatedly, that a recruit is a cousin to a former collegiate running back, nephew to a current NFL running back and now the son to a former NFL wide receiver and current NFL coach.

The name Steve Watson should be familiar to just about everyone who watched NFL games in the 1980s should recognize the name. His son, Steve Watson, Jr., is a standout at Denver (Colo.) J.K. Mullen. He combines great size and speed coming in at 6-foot-4, 240 pounds and running a 4.7/40.

"The team did really well," Watson, Jr. said. "We actually went to the state championship game. It didn't end the way that we wanted it to with a loss though. That was in class 5A."

"Personally, I actually don't know my exact statistics. I think that I had around 20+ receptions. I was named first team all-conference and an honorable mention all-state selection by the Denver Post. There was a senior in front of me."

The coaches at Mullen took advantage of Watson's rare combination of size and speed and used him to create mismatches. "They would actually flex me out a lot. They would put me out there on little defensive backs. They would create some mismatches with me with my size and my speed."

While it is easy for Watson to tell you how the coaches used him last season, his humility doesn't allow for him to be comfortable talking about what makes him a great player. "It's kind of hard to say, to talk about yourself, but if I had to say what my strengths were it would be that I can block well and run good routes. I feel that I have the full package for a tight end to be able to block and run."

Watson's ability have landed him offers since early back in his junior year. However, the offers have really started to roll in recently with the latest coming in the mail just today.

"I have some offers. I offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado State, Nebraska, Washington, Iowa State and California. Colorado State was the first to offer. I just received Arizona State in the mail yesterday. I have had Colorado State for a while, but all of these other offers have just come in this last week."

While the offers have really started to roll in Watson hasn't made any formal plans to get out this summer and try and see any schools. He is really concentrating on becoming a better player. There might be a chance for him to get out and hit a Nike camp, but nothing is set yet.

"I don't really know right now. My plans are really just to stay in the weight room. I am running track right now. I want to finish that well. I haven't really sat down and thought about my plans this spring and summer very much. Probably, I would like to go to a Nike camp somewhere. I haven't really thought about it to be honest."

Watson, at 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, runs the sprints in track. "I run the 100m and the 200m. Unofficially, I have ran an 11.3 in the 100m. That is not time in a meet or anything; it was timed by my coaches. There isn't anyone out there bigger than me running those events."

Watson hasn't really had a chance to start the process of recruiting yet. He is just looking forward to next season. "I haven't really sat down much. My father's advice to me is to go out and just play football and have fun right now. All of these schools are going to come in later. I really haven't thought about it now. I am just concentrating on finishing out my high school career."

Steve admits that his dad has helped him out a lot so far when it comes to recruiting and his game. His dad was a leader for the Broncos in the 80s and is now a coach there. "He's been around forever. Personally he gives me advice everyday. He has been to all of my games and if he sees me doing something wrong obviously he corrects me on it. He has always to play my hardest and go out there like it's your last game."

Nebraska is one of the schools to just recently offer Watson. Like the rest of the schools, he hasn't had a lot of time or chances to sit down and think about the process or about an individual school yet.

"I definitely do want to take a closer look at Nebraska. Right now, I would say that they are really just like every other school. I haven't sat down and thought about it too much. I am definitely interested in what they have to offer and I need to take a closer look."

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