Another florida standout seeing red

It's not often a Florida kid flips out when he gets an offer from the Midwest. In a good way, of course, and that's just what happened with Bo Williams when the offer from Nebraska arrived. So excited about the offer was Williams, the first official visit he decided to schedule was to see the big red in action. The question now is, what will happen when he arrives.

Bo Williams is an up and coming name in the sunshine state, boasting multiple offers from as far west as Nebraska to a variety of schools in the east, including Boston College, Pitt, N.C. State and Tennessee.

All of them are great offers and Williams looks at each as a blessing, because he knows that other kids like him have none. "I have to thank God I am where I am and that this is all happening for me," Bo said. "I've worked hard, but it's something to have this kind of attention."

"The thing is, it doesn't get to me."

Williams means that in the way offers get to some kids, suddenly feeling that they might be better than they are. It's one offer and they are glad, two offers and they are confident, and after that, they are thinking just a little too much about themselves.

Williams knows about that trap and says that one of his chief focuses is on making sure that he doesn't lose his focus on where he's at and what he has yet to do. "You have to keep it real, because one play is all it takes and you don't have football anymore," Williams said. "I have a 3.4 GPA right now and I want to get that higher, because you have to have your education, regardless of what football brings you."

While he's keeping his feet firmly fixed into the ground, Williams has still gotten a kick out of the recruiting. Each offer means he's done what he's supposed to do, even in the face of adversity. And Williams' main adversity as a junior was the fact that his team simply wasn't very good. "Yeah, that's not how you want a season to go," Williams said about his Hurricanes, who went winless on the year. "There wasn't much we did right and it's up to us to get that fixed this year."

Williams takes it upon his shoulders to help in that, but he wants to help in more ways than what he did on the field. As a junior, the 6 foot, 1 inch, 200 pound I-back averaged almost nine yards per carry, making him easily the most potent player they had on the field.

This year Williams is hoping to reach the magical 2,000 yard mark, but more important than that, he's trying to make sure everyone around him is better too. "If something isn't right, I tell them to get right," Williams said of his biggest role this year. "I know I will hve to produce, but as a captain and a senior, it's time for me to lead."

"I'm not going out with a season like we had last year. Nobody here wants that. It's time for all of us to step it up to another level. We need to go out winners."

When it comes to recruiting, Williams is already going to go out a winner, counting 13 offers right now, with more than that probably on the way. Ironically enough, though, it was an offer from a school not even remotely close to the sunshine state, when he received it, his jaw hit the floor.

"Man, when I got that Nebraska offer, I flipped out," Bo said. "Growing up, because my dad was always a Nebraska fan, I was a Nebraska fan. So, for me, that's been my team since I was a kid."

"I scheduled that official up there and I know my dad can't wait to see it and I know I can't wait to see it. I'm just hoping that it blows me away."

Williams said he's already been blown away to a degree by Nebraska, but this time by the coach recruiting him from the big red. Defensive back's coach Phil Elmassian's style suits Williams to a tee. "Man, that guy is funny," Bo said of Elmassian. "He's funny, but he's also real."

"You get used to hearing the same thing from all of these coaches, when someone is legit, you know. Coach Elmassian is legit, because he keeps it real and I know he's not telling me what I want to hear."

The official visit will take place when Nebraska hosts Nicholls State for part two of the non-conference slate of the schedule. Not a dramatic game to be sure, but Williams could care less about that. What he cares about is what he hopes to see when he gets there, but he knows something he's guaranteed to see once the game arrives.

"Those fans, I have heard all about them," he said. "When a game is going on, there isn't anything else going on in that entire state. Everyone is either at the game, trying to get into the game or watching the game on TV."

"In that state, there isn't a thing except the Huskers."

It's all pretty exciting for the Northeast high school standout. He's been thinking about Nebraska since he was a kid and he'll get his chance to see them in person come right after the first week of September.

If all goes well, Williams knows what will happen, but he speaks about that cautiously right now. He just figures it's not wrong to get excited about a place he's liked since he was even younger than he is today. "I hope it just feels like home and that will be that," Bo said of the visit to see the Huskers. "I just want it feel like another family for me, a place that feels like another home."

If it doesn't happen, Bo said that he's looking at other teams like UCF and Pitt as his leaders right now. As to the big three inside of the state, Bo said that he's not looking at them at all. "I'm looking to go out of state," he said. "If I stay in state for any school, it would be UCF, but I'm not looking to stick around."

"I want to get out and see what another place has to offer."

It is, of course, impossible to say whether or not Williams will get that feeling once he visits Nebraska. It is also not possible to know just what will happen between now and then. As we have come to learn about recruiting, it changes, and sometimes with the wind. It's only hindsight that tells you what is really what.

But based on what Bo is saying right now, he's got his expectations high that he'll go into Lincoln a fan and come out a member of the future. Now only time will tell.

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