Huskers offer a good one

Nebraska was one of the first teams to come in for an offer for one of the better kept secrets in Texas. However, the evaluation period has started and teams from all over the nation are coming to check him and his team out. His coach has no doubts that he will be a player at the next level. He also thinks that he could contribute early.

People that thought that Texas players would all be fairly well known by now are just plain wrong. Hiding down in Sequin (Texas) may be one of the better corner prospects in the nation. Desmond Jackson is bringing in teams from all over the nation to check out his abilities.

"Desmond is one of the guys that everyone is coming here to see," Seguin Defensive Coordinator Clint Hartman said. "Nebraska, Michigan State, Arizona, and they are all over him. UCONN was also here the other day."

Seguin plays in Texas' largest conference. They made it to the playoffs last year, but lost to the eventual state runner-up. The upcoming year looks bright for Seguin who return 9 of their 11 starters from a tough defense last year.

"We are 5A. Last year Converse Judson beat us in the first round. They went onto the state finals. We only allowed 148 yards on defense per game last year and we return nine starters on defense so we are pretty excited."

Jackson is one of the players that Coach Hartman excited about this fall. Jackson could get looks to play a couple of different positions on defense. His height doesn't slow down his speed or his hips. In fact, his coach said that Jackson would be a real threat on offense as well.

"Nebraska thinks that Desmond is a corner. With his size, a lot of people think that he is a safety. I think that he is an NFL-style corner. He is 6-foot-1, 210 or 215 plus. He can run, he can jump and he's all that stuff. He is a 4.5 or a 4.4 guy. He's just a player. He is the real deal. A NFL Sunday cornerback type player."

"He has the hips to play cornerback. Last year be had eight interceptions, returned six interceptions for touchdowns, and returned two punts for touchdowns. I think that if we moved him to tailback tomorrow that he would rush for 2,000 yards on the season. He's just an awesome player."

When you hear about coaches coming from Nebraska to recruit in Texas you think of Coach Jay Norvell, Shawn Watson, John Blake, Randy Jordan or Ted Gilmore. However, this week the defensive backs coach who typically recruits the east coast and Florida was in Texas, Phil Elmassian.

"He said that he went to Florida and then he came here (to Seguin). He said that he had been to Florida already and didn't see anyone like him."

Coach Hartman wasn't sure of an exact number of offers that Jackson has at the moment. However, there are quite a few and a couple of schools are starting to take note. "He has Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Nebraska, pretty much everyone in the Big 12 that has visited, OU has asked for film, and Texas wants offer, but they want to see how he finishes up academically. If he finishes up he will be fine.

While Coach Hartman isn't sure what the quantity of offers are at this time he was sure about one thing. He knows who Jackson is looking at right now in terms of his favorites.

"I will tell you this, he likes Nebraska. He liked that coach that came to watch him. His favorite is Texas, but his second favorite is Nebraska. Texas only has one scholarship left and if it goes elsewhere he could end up at Nebraska."

There are high expectations for Jackson by his coach. Coach Hartman has coaches others that have gone onto play division one and he said that Desmond is the best that he has seen. "He's going to pan out, trust me. He's going to play early wherever he goes."

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