Huskers offer speedy RB from California

So you say want speed? Check out Avery Horn in California. He's got a lot of it. In fact, over the past couple of weeks he has run 10.5 in the 100m at two different track meets. Not too shabby. He is already sitting on a couple of offers and his coach had nothing but good things to say about Horn.

Coaches tend to talk kids up. They are proud and sometimes it's an opportunity to get a kid some exposure. Avery Horn doesn't need talking up. The 5-foot-10 and 180 pound running back from Hanford (Calif.) has the skills that speak for themselves.

"He's got burst speed," Coach Clark said. "He can really accelerate. He's a track man and ran a 10.5 (100m) twice last week."

"Avery had a great season last year. He scored 24 touchdowns coming on rushing, punt returns and kick returns. Most of them are long runs and he is really jogging in the last 10 yards. He just has so much acceleration. He had 1,800+ yards rushing last year."

Avery starred on offense and special teams last year for Hanford. He set a school record last year for longest kick off return for a touchdown. "He had one kick return last year that was over his head, caught it about an inch off of the goal line, and ran it back. That was a 99+ yard run back. That was a school record."

So far Horn is sitting on two offers. Spring practice might yield more, but he will have to wait until May to go through that. "Nebraska gave him an offer and so did Fresno State. We don't have spring practice until May. We go late because we want to go after the baseball season because our quarterbacks tend to be baseball players."

Coach Clark from Hanford wasn't aware of who Horn might be favoring or what he is looking for exactly in a school, but he does know that Horn is keeping things open. "I think that he is pretty open. He is a good family kid and he might want to stay closer to his family. I am not sure. I know that he is keeping everything open to see what else comes up."

One of the reasons that Horn might be keeping things so open is because of the mail, and who the mail is from, that he is receiving right now. His coach said that it might just take one more year like last year to really springboard him into any opportunity that he might want.

"I know that he gets a lot of mail from Oregon State, USC, Oregon, Washington and some others. He tends to get letters from about five different schools today so it's beginning to get pretty heavy. Another good year and he will have his pick of the places that he might want to go."

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