The Pouncey twins get offers from the Huskers

The Pouncey twins have become something of a hot commodity in recent months. The twin offensive linemen have gotten offers from every major school inside the sunshine state and the attention from outside is definitely starting to heat up. Is it a Florida school or bust for the duo or can recent offers from schools like Nebraska and Clemson make a dent. James Pouncey talked about that and more.

James will say that he and his twin brother LaShawn are alike in just about every way possible. While some sets of identical twins try hard to create their own identity, these two relish their similarities.

And when it comes to playing football, James will say that he and LaShawn think exactly alike. "We can't score, so we like to hit people as much as we can," James said. "I joke that, that is where we got our last name, because all we do is run down the field and pounce on anyone we see."

"If we can get them while they are not looking, that's even better. That's just the way we like to play."

You won't hear arguments from anyone about their style, Florida, Florida State and Miami all having offered the Lakeland high duo. And recent offers from schools like UCF, Clemson and Nebraska only cement just how far reaching their popularity has been.

But when the big three in-state have offered, what kind of chance does anyone outside of the state have at getting these two to leave? "Not much, really," James said. "I know my mom wants us to stay in-state, but I know I want to stay in state too."

For you Husker fans now in despair about the chances Nebraska had, don't feel all that bad, because the offer from the Huskers was the first thing Pouncey ever received from the big red. "I was shocked when I saw the offer, because I have never gotten anything from them," James said. "And to be honest, I don't know a thing about Nebraska."

"I know it gets cold there and if I have to play in the cold, I will, but with the offers I have right now, I don't think that's a problem."

Both Pounceys have been to both Florida and Florida State numerous times, but have yet to visit the Canes. Point of fact, it was only recently, according to James, that Miami finally ponied up with the offer. That's good, because the Canes are childhood favorites of both James and LaShawn, so it gives them almost all of the choices they could want.

"I know we are going to go check out Miami on May 13th, which is good, because we haven't been there before," he said. "We want to make sure we check all of these schools out, a few times if necessary, so when we make our decision, we know that's where we want to be."

If a school outside of the state does have a shot, James listed Ole Miss and Clemson as the two only candidates right now.

As to when a decision can come for the twins, James said that it's going to go all the way to signing day. "You don't want to do something without making sure that you have looked at every single thing," Pouncey said. "We are going to enjoy the whole process, take our visits and make our decision on signing day."

"There's no hurry and we are going to make sure our final choice is right."

If you wonder if James can speak for LaShawn or the other way around, you can bet on that, according to James. This is more than a package deal, because for their entire life they have done almost everything the same.

They like the same music, they wear their hair the same and they both like a lot of the same things for a lot of the same reasons.

There are differences, though, James pointing out that while he and his identical twin are the same in most everything, there's one very key difference:

"I'm better looking," he said.

James said there are no favorites at this point, but it's obvious that the big three have the lead with a possible edge now going to Miami.

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