Stout Cali DL likes the "big" in big red

Growing up in California, you are bound to have some favorites when it comes to professional and college teams. It's not a surprise nowadays which college team hits the lips first when you ask which football team these California-born kids like. Interestingly enough, Brian Lambert grew up liking another team just as much, but it's hardly of the west coast variety. Try Midwest instead.

There's nothing typical about Brian Lambert, which can be both bad and good. The bad side is that at 6 foot tall and 285 pounds, he doesn't fit many of the stereotypes for any position on any Division 1-A football field. It's not news to Lambert, though, because he's been fighting that for years. "Yeah, I know how it goes, but that is only going to make me better," Brian said of the stereotypes about his size. "It just makes me work harder, so I can be better, faster and stronger than I have ever been."

Lambert is on the right road there, boasting an over 500 pound squat and a very impressive 340 power clean. At his size, you can imagine that he likes the weight room and he would be the first to agree.

That's one of the big reasons why when you ask this California kid who some of his favorite schools are, of course USC comes to mind as does UCLA, but he's got another school that he thinks fits his cup of tea. "I like Nebraska, because if you want to get big, that's where you go," Lambert said of Nebraska's famed strength and conditioning program. "I live in the weight room and I followed Nebraska as a kid and that's what you hear about them."

"They are big, they are strong and I know that for me, that's one of my main goals. So that's the kind of school I like."

Lambert may be appear to be a bit too big for his height, 285 pounds a load for any six footer to carry. Tell that to opponents last year, who had to try and stop him from carrying the football. Yeah, that's right, carrying the football, which he did to the tune of 535 yards on 87 carries, scoring six times.

Getting big is one thing, but getting better is the main thing and Lambert has and will continue to do all he can to make sure he's at his best everyday. To that end, one of the things he likes to do is attend camps and combines when he gets the chance.

He'll have that chance during the second week of June as Brian said he was attending a defensive line camp at USC. Before that, though, he'll attend the All-American Combine on May 7th.

After that, it's just a matter of getting back into the weight room, figuring out what else he needs to do and do that once his final prep season arrives.

As to the recruiting, Lambert isn't holding any written offers, but says the largest amount of attention he's getting via the mailbox is from the Huskers, Trojans and the Bruins. Lambert said that you can throw in Washington, Washington State, Colorado, Fresno State, Oregon and Oregon State as showing him some attention as well.

For Lambert, he's just going to do his thing, let coaches do their thing and when the dust settles, he'll look at the offers he plans to have and figure everything out from there.

As to Nebraska, while Lambert doesn't know much more about the Huskers than what he's learned about their weight training program, he's taking his opportunities to learn. "I'm checking them out on the internet and seeing what they have," he said. "I'll do that with lots of schools."

"I need to get to know these places as much as I can, so I know where I want to go."

Brian reports a 2.6 GPA and he has yet to take his SAT

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