Four star DE talks about offer from NU

Akeem Ayers is one of the more touted defensive ends in the country. That means the attention is fierce and so to is the pressure to take a four star rating and turn it into five. That's news to Ayers, though, as he is looking to get better, but it's not because of what others say. It's just the daily pressure he puts on himself. Now, with the offers coming in, is there just as much pressure to figure out where he's going to go?

Another day at the office for Verbum Dei high school's Akeem Ayers is one that involves lots of weight training, schoolwork and doing some research on the increasing amount of schools, which are filling up his mailbox on a weekly basis, letting him know that he's one that has caught their attention.

It wouldn't be hard for them to notice Ayers as he recorded a whopping 23 sacks last year, playing from both the defensive end and linebacker positions. If 23 sacks gets you a full mailbox each week and a four star rating, imagine what will happen if Ayers achieves his desired goal this year.

"I want the school record, which is 34 sacks in a season," Akeem said. "It's going to be tough, but I think I have a shot."

At 6 foot, 3 inches and 220 pounds, Ayers no doubt has the size. And based on just the sheer numbers, he's more than quick enough off the line.

Akeem looks at this season to better what he's done, because as his career has progressed, he sees the things he needs to work on year-to-year. "It's just a matter of looking at what you did well and doing that better, but it's about seeing what you didn't do well and figuring out how to fix that part of your game," Akeem said. "It will never be perfect, but I work on all kinds of things during the off-season."

Ayers will take part in a couple of combines in the up-coming months, trying to find a few of those things, seeing if he can pick up anything from the coaches, who will be running the events. One of them is the All-American combine and after that, he'll attend a combine at Stanford.

His goal, like that of most who go to these things, is to learn something, but see just how he matches up with some of the state's and region's best. "The one-on-one stuff is always the best, because you get to face some of the best players around the state," Akeem said. "It's a way for me to get my name up there and see if I can get noticed a little more."

Ayers will be one of the few at both these combines that actually doesn't need to get noticed a whole lot more. With having Arizona, Ole Miss, Nebraska, San Diego State, Washington State and Oregon already in the bag as written offers, no matter what happens from here on out, he's good to go. But Ayers said that a little more attention doesn't hurt.

"I just want to have as many options as I can so that I can take a look at a whole bunch of schools and see how they fit what I want," Ayers said. "I'm not greedy. I just want to make sure there is this right place for me."

Because of his proximity to USC, his house not more than ten minutes from the University, Ayers said he's seen the Trojans to know exactly what he likes about the school and how it would fit him, if USC does in fact offer. As to where he'd like to visit in the future, whether it's officially or not, Washington and Notre Dame are schools that came to mind.

At one point Nebraska stood as a team Ayers was looking at pretty seriously. And Ayers said that he's still eyeing Nebraska very hard. "I like their tradition and I like what I have seen from what I know about them," Akeem said. "I know they have a good defense and I could probably play end or outside linebacker."

"Distance isn't an issue and weather isn't either, so I am still definitely looking at Nebraska. There's nobody that I'm really not interested in right now."

Ayers named his favorites right now all those teams that have offered. In addition, of those that haven't, Akeem said that he's looking at USC, UCLA and Notre Dame.

Make sure to stay tuned to as we will bring you all of his results from the All-American Combine, which is scheduled for early next month.

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