Who's the Draft guru now?

Who really knows what they are talking about when it comes to picking the first round of the NFL Draft? Everyone does. Well, at least until the first round is actually over. All those mock drafts, all those picks, some end up looking good and some end up looking like they should have been looking a little harder. Well, let's run down a few ourselves to see who just had the in, in Draft knowledge.

Ok, just to quantify brilliance or ignorance, we have given a point value to correct picks. For every correct pick, you get a point. Yeah, pretty simple. Well, because it's impossible to predict trades, we will give the analysts credit for having the right pick, but only half a point, because they didn't have them going to the right team.


So, there ya go: A point for a correct pick and a half of a point for a correct pick when a team moved into that position on draft day from a trade. Hit the link to see just how they stacked up.


The analysts ranked here are Scout.com, FoxSports (Rang), CBS (Dodd) and ESPN (Kuyper)


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