Top JC OT holding Nebraska offer

Nebraska has another need at offensive tackle this year. The numbers at the tackle position this year will be fewer than last year and it seems that with the fewer numbers comes being a bit more selective. One offensive tackle from the junior college ranks already has a Nebraska offer and has Nebraska as a leader. Will Nebraska get another heralded junior college tackle?

The name is Gerald Parker. He is a 6-foot-7 and 290 pound offensive tackle from Pasadena (Calif.) City College and he is a pretty good player. Right now, the evaluation period is in full-swing, but Pasadena won't be having spring practice because of some facility upgrades.

"We don't have spring practice," Parker said. "Our field isn't done yet so we won't have a spring camp. It will be in August. They are putting in turf right now. We are lifting right now and conditioning. That's about it."

The team at Pasadena didn't do too well last year, but Parker had a very good year. "Last year we went 1-9. I play tackle. Personally, I think that I did pretty well. I didn't make any of the conference teams, but I was voted one of the top freshman."

When it comes to breaking down Parker he says that he has a lot of different strengths. But you don't have to look much further than the 4.8/40 time. "I have really good feet. I can bend at the knees. I have to pick up my strength. I have to work on that, but I can run really well. Awareness is my biggest strength."

One of the sore spots for Nebraska's offensive line was pass protection from the tackle position last year. Parker says that he prefers to pass block, but given the offense that Pasadena runs he does a little of everything. "I prefer to pass block. Last year we ran a spread and power I. I got a chance to do a little of everything."

Currently Parker is only up to two offers. He is getting a lot of looks though from other teams that through the evaluation period might lead to new offers. He has been told some pretty big things by one of the teams that have offers.

"I have offers from Nebraska and Southern Miss. I am also being looked at by a lot of schools. Nebraska calls my coaches all of the time. They told me that they are my number one tackle this year. Washington, Oregon State, Missouri and Kansas are all schools that are looking at me."

Parker has some ideas about what he will be looking for when it comes to making the decision about which school to attend. "First of all I will be looking at academics. Then I will take a look and see if I can get closer to my family, or which one is the best school that I can go to do that. I will look at who has the most to offer."

Parker isn't going to let the distance thing from home be the make or break influence on his decision. He isn't originally from California and actually chose to go there to get away.

"Getting closer to home won't be a huge thing when it comes to my decision. I played high school at Newieberry High School in Louisiana. It's about 30 minutes from Lafayette. I was a non-qualifier out of high school, but I wanted to get away and go to school."

Parker is holding two favorites right now. He is using technology to help him conduct the research on the school before ever getting a chance to go there and look at the school first hand.

"I like Nebraska and Southern Miss. Nebraska has a lot of tradition. Every time I get on the computer I go look at their website. I see all of the things that they are doing over there. They are getting back into the big leagues."

"I haven't really got a chance to look at Southern Miss. They offered me a scholarship and that is one of the biggest reasons that I like them. I am going to look at them on the computer later on. I would like to take a visit there. On our bye week though, I am supposed to be going to Nebraska. We don't have our schedules yet."

Parker will be looking at everything when it comes to making that trip in the fall to Lincoln. "I want to look at the quality of the coaches and the people. I just want to look around, meet the players, meet the coaches, the administration and just get a feel for the school. I just want to look at everything."

There is already a little bit of a connection when it comes to Parker and Nebraska. He plays with the younger brother of a current Husker. "They have a player at Nebraska whose little brother plays with me at Pasadena. Brandon Cryer is a wide receiver here and is the little brother of Barry at Nebraska. Brandon is maybe 6-foot-0 or 6-foot-1."

Parker is in good academic standing and will be in a position to make a transfer to a school at semester. "Next year is my last year. I should be out after the winter semester. I will be able to transfer in the spring."

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