Will Nebraska offer?

It's not uncommon for colleges to come and find multiple players at a school that they like and offer. Nebraska has already offered Desmond Jackson from Seguin, but could they offer another? This running back has heard that the coaches from Nebraska liked what they saw when they were visiting.

Isaiah Sneed can do a little of everything. He is a running back, but out of the spread offense you can also see him in the slot at receiver. He comes in at 5-foot-9 and about 185 right now, but he is recovering from the flu. He boasts at 4.4/40.

"I play wide receiver or slot receiver," Sneed said. "We lost in the first round last year. I went for over 1,000 yards rushing last year, 15 total touchdowns, which 13 were rushing and two were receiving. I had about 200 or 300 yards receiving."

The spread offense may be what Seguin (Texas) runs, but it isn't what Sneed thinks best suits his abilities. "We ran the spread last year. I'm not sure that the offense best suits me or not. I like to run out of the I. I'm more of a pro-style running back."

While he might not be best suited for the current offense Sneed's strengths help him to succeed now. "I think that I have good football speed. I have good vision and quickness too. I also have a low center of gravity. If I can put a move on someone I will, but I have enough power to lower my pads."

There aren't any offers that have been extended to Sneed yet, but one might not be too far away either. "I don't have any offers yet. Arizona came down to the school the other day. My coach said that he thought that Nebraska was interested in me. I went to the Texas A&M spring game. I have been getting things from Kansas State, Kansas, SMU, Illinois, Arkansas and Tulane."

The spring game experience at Texas A&M was his first trip to College Station. "I was at their spring game and I went to the Nike camp there the other weekend. The spring game was awesome. That was my first time there. The coaches all came and talked to us. They told me to keep up the hard work."

Sneed didn't test like he hoped he would at A&M, but other than the 40 time he thinks that he did alright. "My legs were a little tired from track. I feel like I did pretty good in my one on one drills, but my 40 time was a little slow. It was a 4.8. I think other than that I did alright."

There are some things that Sneed will be looking at when it comes to picking out a school. "I really don't mind traveling. I will be looking for good facilities and good coaching. I would also like to go to a program that wins so I can play in a bowl game one day."

There haven't been any talks about Nebraska offering, but Sneed admitted that if an offer were to show up it would put them on top of his list. "If Nebraska would offer me it would be awesome. If Nebraska would start recruiting me hard then they would definitely be at the top of my list."

There is a big reason why adjusting to Nebraska wouldn't be that big of deal for Sneed. He already knows someone that plays football at Nebraska. "I have a cousin that goes to Nebraska right now. His name is Titus Brothers. He plays defensive back."

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