The Young Guns, greatness or................

Another season of Nebraska football is just around the corner. As usual one of the hottest topics is who is going to emerge as the newest superstar? The newest T Frazier at QB? The next coming of Farley at Linebacker? The resurrection of the Peter Bros in the middle of the defensive line? The next lockdown cornerback? A safety that hits like Mike Brown? An I-back that that can leap buildings in a single bound? Any position left out?

At Weak-side linebacker the Huskers have Demorrio Williams.  He has been compared to Terrell Farley many times.  It has been expressed that he alone will change the make-up of the defense because of his ability.  People have already given him accolades normally reserved for multi-year All-Pro performers.   He is a cinch for defensive newcomer of the year.  Just a few of the one-liners being suggested about this young man.
In the offensive line we have a redshirt freshman starter from all appearances.  Richie Incognito is already being talked about as the next Outland trophy winner for the Huskers.  Expectations are that he will be the leader needed to bring the domination back to the O-line that has been missing for several years. 
Fabian Washington is already being discussed as the next great Nebraska cornerback.  He comes in with great speed and impeccable credentials out of high school.  He is going to be the lockdown cover corner Nebraska needs to stop Texas this year.
These are just three names and one can add quite a few more names into this mix.   LeKevin Smith and Seppo on the defensive line.  Barrett Ruud is still learning at MLB.  Bland, Hopkins, and the Bullocks are all being touted for greatness as Safety.  LeFlore and Fluellen returning the Husker passing game to its days of glory.  How could this be written and not mention Curt Dukes?  He is Tommie Frazier reborn. The most prevalent question heard is how many games until Lord is replaced by the young Zeus, Dukes. He is already a Heisman candidate in some people's minds.  The young Mr Dukes is the master of the option.  No doubt he will lead Neb back to the top of the College Football mountain. 
Are these expectations expressed above fair?   One has to question themselves. 
It is amazing how much knowledge fans have about players that very few have ever seen on the field.  Even fewer have seen them on the College football field.  Wishful thinking?  Unfair expectations?  Or just the hopes and dreams of college football fans all over our great nation?  Here is to hoping it is more of the latter.
The young guns are just part of the fans expectation.  Every year teams take the practice field in August and fans believe their team has arrived.  They believe this is the year their team reaches the pinnacle.  The young guns provide part of that hope.  This is not a problem if we always remember that every player on the field is somebody's son.  Sitting next to you maybe Joe's dad, or Travis's mother.  Expectations are dangerous in that if not met, they hold the greatest disappointment.
College Football inspires a passion not seen in any other major sport.  Loyalty to one's team is absolute.  The Nebraska fans are like family.  We shout at each other, spar with one another etc.  But have another team's fan attack or question one of our own we are Johnny on the spot defending them with the same tenaciousness we would our own mother.  This is what separates College Football from all others.  Loyalty and hope.  There is a bond that bounds us unlike any other.  What a great feeling and BRING ON THE GLADIATORS OF FALL. 

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