What a difference a week makes

One of the biggest receivers in the state of Texas is Jacob Amie. After an impressive showing in the Scout.com combine at Waco people knew that it was just a matter of time. It seems like that time has come. Amie is only a week into the evaluation process and has started picking up offers as a result of it.

Jacob Amie has great size for a wide receiver. At 6-foot-4.5 and 230 pounds it's understandable why the coaches at Tyler (Texas) Lee will play him at defensive end this year. He could actually grow into being an end on either side of the ball.

However, this is the now and right now Jacob is one of the biggest and best wide receivers in the state of Texas. He is just now reaping some of the rewards.

"I had some teams come in to see me this past week," Amie said. "I got a couple of offers now. Nebraska, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Kansas State and I spoke to the coach from Colorado and they said that they are close to offering too."

Amie won't be content just with the offers he has received. While he is interested in the teams that have offered, when a team offers it just makes him want to work harder. "I don't know how all of this makes me feel. I am just going to keep working harder."

The Nebraska coach was at Tyler on Monday and Lee was one of the first stops. It was pretty clear that Amie got to know this via his head coach at Lee.

"Coach Jordan from Nebraska was here to see me. They are talking that they want me bad. I am really surprised with Nebraska. They really haven't sent me any mail before and the next day after they came my coach said that they threw everything on the table and said that they offer. Full-ride."

Lee is definitely interested in the offer from Nebraska and he would like to take a trip to Lincoln. When he does he will be looking at a few different things. "I am definitely interested in getting up to Nebraska to take a closer look. I want to look at the guys that they put in the NFL, the coaching staff and the academics of course."

The one thing that the Nebraska coaches might be scared of is the distance from Tyler to Lincoln. However, Amie is thinking that some distance away from home might be just what he is looking for.

"No. I am trying to get away really. Far away. Nebraska isn't too far away. I have been thinking about Nebraska really. I don't watch too much college football and I don't have any idea how much they pass the ball. I don't know much about the school at all."

One thing that might give Amie some reassurance about leaving East Texas is a player that is currently at Nebraska. "I know Cody Glenn from Rusk, Texas. I played against him in seven on seven. He's a good running back. He got quite a bit of playing time last year."

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