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There was a pretty easy visitor to spot on the sideline of the Nebraska spring game. Aaron Allen comes in at 6-foot-8 and 315 pounds. The huge lineman has been busy not just with the Nebraska spring game, but with a couple of others as well. He has picked up an offer already, but he thinks that some more could be on their way.

Aaron Allen has had an excellent spring getting out and seeing schools. The 6-foot-8 and 315 pound offensive tackle from Hugoton (Kans.) got up to Kansas, Nebraska and Kansas State. Kansas was first on his list, the Friday night before the Nebraska spring game, and Allen came away impressed.

"It was pretty nice," Allen said about Kansas. "It was better than I expected. I didn't really expect that school to be football oriented because they are typically a basketball school. There were a lot of people there. A lot of people cheering for them. The coaches would come right up to you and they were friendly. It was good recruiting."

While the Kansas trip may have surprised him about the support that Kansas has for football, there is only one word that Allen could use to sum up the trip to Nebraska: crazy.

"The Nebraska trip was just crazy. It was real nice up there. I thought that the facilities, and actually, the fans stood out the most. It was just crazy. There were people trying to get in through the doors that couldn't buy tickets. That was nuts. It was true loyalty."

While the fans and the facilities were a couple of the things that stood out to Allen on his visit, another was something that he didn't think would happen on an unofficial visit to Nebraska. "I signed some autographs too and I was like 'Wow!'."

After a weekend at Lawrence and Lincoln he was back to Manhattan the next Friday night. He also came away impressed from the Kansas State spring game. "I had heard about the Kansas State spring games before and I heard they weren't quite as big as this one. It really says something about their program kind of moving up. There was a lot of people."

Hugoton was solid last year making it well into the playoffs. For Allen, it was a bit different having the role that he had this year as opposed to as a sophomore. He admits that things need to get better, but despite a want to get better he was recognized regionally as the best offensive lineman.

"We were 8-2. We lost in the semi-finals. I think that it was kind of an off year. It was my first year starting. We had a lot of seniors the year before. My freshman year I was hurt and my sophomore year I really didn't play a whole lot. This last year was really my first year to start and play varsity football. I could have done better. Personally, I look at it like I could have done a lot better. That's just me."

"'In the Red Zone' is a radio station and they picked the best offensive lineman that they think played around here. It's called the 'Unsung Hero Award' and I won that this year."

As of right now Allen is sitting on one offer. He is looking at a top four, but admits that the door isn't closed on anyone. "I have an offer from Kansas State. I have things narrowed down to a couple of schools. Like Oklahoma, Nebraska, Michigan State and Kansas State. I am really looking at everyone but those are the ones that stand out now."

Allen is looking at some specific things when evaluating schools. "Definitely have to have a tradition like Oklahoma and Nebraska do. I am really going to look at the coaching staff, like if I get along with them and get a good vibe about them. The fan base is one major thing too."

There has been some change over in the Nebraska staff that has affected who Allen will have recruiting him this year. He thinks that he has offers coming from Nebraska and Oklahoma all in due time.

"Coach Shawn Watson and Coach Ted Gilmore are recruiting me from Nebraska. It was Coach Downing who was recruiting me as a sophomore. I do think that an offer is coming from Nebraska, but I don't know when. I can see one coming from them and I predict one coming from Oklahoma."

Even if Nebraska offered though, Allen would appreciate it, but it wouldn't end the process. "If they offer? That's good, but I am just going to wait it out a while, take my visits and check out all of the schools before I make a decision. I would definitely be interested in taking an official to Nebraska."

A key to getting the Nebraska and Oklahoma offers may be just to get to camp and work out. "Nebraska is wanting me to come up there for like a one-day camp. They want to see me and how I actually move. They are saying that on my film that they really can't tell a whole lot about how I move. Oklahoma wants me to come for a one day camp. They want to take a look at me one on one. They also want me to take a look at the campus a little more."

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