Top WR in Louisiana holding Nebraska offer

You want one word to sum up Ahmad Paige then it might be electric. From his skills on the field to his personality, the kid is just 100% energy all the time. If you thought that you have seen gaudy stats before then you haven't seen those of Paige. That is why he holding offers from the nation's best.

Ahmad Paige is pretty good. At least that is how he sums up last year. The 6-foot-3 and 165 pound receiver from Sterlington (La.) has a 4.4/40. He had one of the biggest years of any receiver in the state. Scratch that, the biggest year.

"I did pretty good last year," Paige said. "I led the area in receiving. I led the state in receiving, I think."

Pretty good is an understatement. Paige caught 45 passes for 1,208 yards and 17 touchdowns. He averaged just under 27 yards per reception. But that is over the course of the season. It wasn't uncommon for Paige to catch two passes and have it be for over 100 total yards.

"I do a lot of fly routes. We have a route, a post, a deep post. I go ten yards and I cut all the way across the field. It's kind of like a drag, but real deep. The quarterback rolls out and he just throws it real deep. It works every week."

"The minimum I get every time I run it is about 40 yards. I run that route about twice a game. I know that one game I had two catches for 122 yards. In that game I dropped two touchdown passes too. They were two long passes and would have easily put me over 200 yards."

After hearing those stats it's easy to see how he got offers from some of the nation's best schools. "I have Florida State, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma State, LSU, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Georgia and I think that I have one from Miami. I send off all that film of all those catches and then an offer comes around."

Out of the list of offers, Paige has been to see three schools. They were all for junior days. He isn't sure about what else he will do in the spring or summer because of a surgery. "I've been to see Texas, LSU and Florida State. All three of those visits were for junior days."

"I had shoulder surgery in January. That kind of kills me with combines and that kind of thing. I might still go to them, but you know I can't test. I know that I can be ready for camps in July, but the majority of the camps are in June."

While he won't be doing any camps or combines most likely that doesn't mean that Paige can't think about his offers and his leaders. "I have thought about my leaders. Right now I have to say that my favorite schools are Arkansas, Georgia, Florida State, Oklahoma State, LSU and Miami. If I had to pick a top three it would be Miami, Florida State and LSU."

Trimming that list could get real tough. However, Paige is looking for different things at different schools. For example, if he leaves his family behind to go to school somewhere then he will need more of a family environment wherever he goes.

"I am going to look at the coaches and I have to get along with the coaches. That is the biggest thing. When I pick a school I am going to look at different things that the school has going for it. Like with LSU, I can just shoot home. But all of the other schools are five, six, seven hours away."

"If I am going to pick one of those schools I will be looking for a family type thing. I am going to want to bond with all of the teammates. Also I am going to look at how the coaches interact with the players. All of it will just have to come together."

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