Bernstine's popularity soaring after combine

If you are an athlete looking for attention, but it's the off-season, the advice is simple: Go to a combine and blow everyone's mind. Easier said than done, of course, but that's just what Des Moines, Iowa standout Jordan Bernstine did. Posting eye-popping numbers, Bernstine left an impression for everyone to relish and think about when looking for one of the best all-around athletes in the Midwest. Now the question is, what has this newfound popularity done for him and his recruiting?

There's nothing like jumping almost 40 inches, running a 4.4/40 and broad jumping well over 10 feet to get you noticed. But then you go into the one-on-one drills and impressive everyone just as much. You might have only heard about Lincoln High School's Jordan Bernstine a little before the All-American Combine in Iowa City. But now you are going to hear a lot more.

You can bet that Jordan has heard a lot more since that combine, one response to his performance, coming from the University of Iowa, in the form of a written offer. Growing up in Iowa, you don't have to ask Bernstine just how that felt.

Of course, we did anyway.

"Yeah, it picked up, but a lot of those schools were recruiting me anyway," Jordan said. "But it's nice to get the offers."

It didn't stop with the Hawkeyes, though, as the message behind his jaw-dropping performance in Iowa City, spanned far beyond the borders of Iowa. Schools from coast-to-coast have now started to take notice, UCLA jumping on board with a written offer as well as Kansas State.

So what does this newfound popularity do for his mind-set when it comes to recruiting? Jordan had planned on taking his time and seeing how things panned out, but that was with him not nearly as many offers as he does now. With this definite rise in his stock, Jordan looks at recruiting the same, but getting to know them even better does have a little more urgency.

"I'd like to get out and see all the schools that have offered me," Jordan said of his summer visits. "I've been to Iowa and Iowa State, plus I have been to Nebraska a couple of times. So, I would like to get out and see Kansas, Kansas State, UCLA and Texas A&M."

Jordan also said that intermingled with his unofficial visits, he'd like to take a couple of camps in, Nebraska and Iowa coming initially to mind. "It's really a matter of funds and being able to go to the camps, but I would like to get out to Nebraska, Iowa and if I can, Iowa State," he said.

Popularity is good and performing even better than he thought he would is even better. It makes you feel good about the work you have put in, but it also helps your confidence. Not too much, though, as teammates and coaches help to keep Jordan honest and he knows that no matter how good he does, it could have been better. "My coach was saying to me ‘A 4.4? Is that it?'," Jordan said. "So, there's never a moment to rest. I have a combine this weekend, so whatever I did before, now I have to do better."

If he does that, his name will soar even more. He went from five offers to eight following one and who knows how far he'll climb if he actually betters what he's already done. That's what Jordan wants to do, but it's more about the competition than it is about the attention. But the attention is an awfully nice frill.

"You go out there and compete, because it's just about becoming better than you were," Bernstine said. "It's not like I am running with the idea of getting more offers. I do it because that's just the kind of person I am."

"But the recruiting is nice and I enjoy it, so the more offers I get the better. That just gives me more choices in the end."

Bernstine said that his initial plans of when he'd like to make a decision is still consistent in that he would ideally like to wait until the end of his football season.

As to the Huskers and if his gain in popularity has left him cooling at all on the big red, Bernstine said not a chance. "Oh, I like Nebraska for sure," he said. "I loved their facilities, I like the coaches and I like the kind of support they have there."

"I am hoping I can make it to their camp again, so I get to learn even more about them, the coaches and everything else, basically."

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