Texas WR getting plenty of attention

How much attention is too much when it comes to recruiting? That's a good question, but for every single recruit, you are likely to get a little different answer. Some love it, some hate it and some don't really think about it as anything more than what it is. But they all appreciate schools, who can figure out just how much is too much and then, back off a little. For one Texas wide receiver, he says that Nebraska does it just right.

Standing on six offers in writing right now, Cedar Hill wide receiver William Cole doesn't have to worry about how much attention he'll get from schools.

Nebraska, UTEP, Baylor, Texas A&M, Kansas and LSU – all have shown him his fair share. That's not the problem, because Cole appreciates the attention. He just doesn't appreciate it that much.

"It's really a great thing to have this attention and I like it, plus having the offers and these schools doing their best to show you how much they want you, but sometimes it can get a bit annoying," Cole said of the phone calls, text messages and letters about the same thing every single day.

"Kids my age don't want to read letters every day that say the same thing the letters they sent just the other day. It's hard to describe, but there's like this point where it's good and then it's just annoying."

One of those schools he says has gotten that part right is Nebraska, who he's been considering for some time. Like William said, it's hard for him to describe what that point is, but he says that the Husker coaches just seem to know. "Some of these schools recruiting you, they keep telling you that they want you," William said. "But it gets to the point like it's your girlfriend telling you that you are her boyfriend and she's doing it every single day."

"I already know that, so I don't need to be told that everyday. It's hard, because you want to know you are wanted, but then you don't want it to be too much. I'm not sure, but Nebraska seems to know what that is."

"I'd say they are doing it right."

Nebraska may be getting it right, but that doesn't mean they are a favorite. In fact, it was considered for some time that it was LSU, which was sitting at the top of his list. At this point, though, William said he's thought about it and that's not the case anymore.

"I like LSU, but really there's so much about what I want and what I am interested in, I can't say that I honestly put anyone above anyone else," he said. "There's too much to like about all of these schools, I'm not limiting my choices now."

With recruiting interesting, but not too interesting, Cole doesn't have a real timetable set on when he'd like to make a decision. He said that prior to his senior season beginning would be ideal, but that will only happen if he gets done over the off-season everything he's set out to do. "I've got to get out and see these schools," William said of those who have offered. "I want to get up to Nebraska, check out LSU and get over and see Texas A&M."

Until then, he'll enjoy the recruiting attention for what it is and while it's bothersome at certain points, he knows it's a lot better than not having any attention at all. So, bring on the schools, the letters, the text messages. But just try not to overdo it. "The attention is great, because I'm in a great position and it's better than not getting any attention at all," he said. "But hey, I just don't want to read the same thing over and over, hear the same thing over and over."

"Just let me know every now and then. Believe me, I'll get the point."

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