Jackson talks about offers

It's something to hear your recruiting coach tell you that you are the number one guy. It is even more something when your recruiting coach could be your possible position coach in college. The Huskers have been early with an offer to this big, physical corner, but what are their chances?

Desmond Jackson is a big, powerful cornerback. At 6-foot-0 tall he comes in at weighs about 195 pounds. The standout from Seguin (Texas) is having a very successful spring so far only two weeks into the evaluation period.

"It's going pretty good," Jackson said. "Nebraska, Texas Tech, Connecticut, Auburn, Arizona, Michigan State, SMU and UTEP have all ben out to see me so far."

While all of those schools have been out to see him, Jackson is only holding two offers so far. "Nebraska and Oklahoma State are the only schools that have offered. Texas Tech was talking about offering.

Seguin's defnsive coordinator, Clint Hartman, told Big Red Report that Nebraska is saying that Jackson is the number one cornerback on their wishlist. What does Jackson think makes him special on the football field?

"It's probably because I am big and I am fast. I'm more explosive. I run about a 4.45. I'mnot as quick, but I am quick enough for my size. I am about 6-foot-0 and about 195 pounds. I bring a lot of power."

You see the height and the size and you think safety. You see the speed and you think that he could play cornerback. To be honest, Desmond is hearing both stories to him about which position he could play.

"Nebraska is recruiting me as a cornerback. Oklahoma State is recruiting me as a safety, come down from the outside and help out the run-type of corner. Texas likes me at corner. Texas A&M likes me maybe at safety and corner."

When it comes down to it, Jackson doesn't think a lot more about one position over the other. However, he does like one position a lot. "It doesn't really matter to me, any of the secondary positions. I like corner a lot. I can jam the receivers."

When it comes to picking out a school Jackson is focusing on what he might be able to to do on teh football field. It seems that playing time and devlopment are key to his decision. "I just want to get a chance to play and become a big-time cornerback."

Jackson had this to say about Oklahoma State:

"The asistant coach from Oklahoma State has been really, really good to me. I don't know too much about going out htere to Oklahoma though. It seems like a good place from what he describes to me."

He also offered these thoughts about Nebraska:

"I like their defense because they are really aggressive. They are just really aggressive and that is what I like about their defense."

"Coach Elmassian is recruiting me from Nebraska and he is also the defensive back coach. He told me that I have good footwork and that I was explosive. He said that I can be a big-time corner there."

With the two offers in hand Jackson isn't letting that skew him one way more than the other this early in the process. "There really aren't any favorites right now. I am just trying to see where I fit in best and get the best opportunity."

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