Nebraska offer on the way for Florida safety

Nebraska added a host of players this last recruiting season, all slated to at least take their shot at safety. But with two starters having departed this year and the position still totally up in the air going into the fall, you can't have enough. One of the latest offers the Huskers will be dishing out is to Trinity Catholic free safety Antonio Allen. And if you just want to talk numbers, this kid has them all.

At 6 foot, 2 inches and 190 pounds, throw Antonio Allen on the field just about anywhere and see what he can do. Add a 36 inch vertical to that, along with a 4.55/40 and you've got yourself an athlete.


Antonio wouldn't say that what he does is all that special, because he just does what the team needs him to do. "I fill up the alley, flow to the ball and just make the plays I need to," Allen said. "We've got a lot of great players, so people just need to do their jobs and we'll win."


That's an understatement


On their way to the 2B state title last season, Trinity Catholic (Ocala, FL) scored 369 points in their first seve games.


And their opponent?




That's right; naddda, nathan, nuthin, zip, zilch


Seven shutouts to open the season, eight total on the year and the Celtics ended up giving up 100 points for the entire season, while they amassed a whopping 672. They ended up scoring 48 points per game and allowed just over seven per.


For Antonio, he may not be boasting a lot about what he did, but the 114 tackles, two interceptions and five pass break ups are nothing to sneeze at. That's actually pretty darn good.


That's part of the reason Allen already had an offer from Ole Miss, but following a stopover to Trinity, Nebraska running back coach Randy Jordan will apparently be throwing in another.


To be honest, when Allen heard about the offer, it was as far as he can remember, the first thing he ever heard about Nebraska, this year or any other. "I honestly don't know a thing about them," he said. "This was the first I have heard of them, so I'll have to check them out a little more."


Allen plans on doing that with various schools this summer, but to where he isn't exactly sure. More because he's not the one doing the driving. "I'm probably just going to tag along with a few of my teammates when they go on visits and wherever they go, that's where I will go."


Allen didn't say whether or not Nebraska would be one of those, but if he does get the chance to visit them this off-season, he knows he'd like to get to know them a lot better.


The question with Florida kids, of course, is just which of the big three in the sunshine state have they dreamt of attending. It's certainly nothing to hold against someone when they have Miami, Florida State or Florida in their sights. All great programs with outstanding tradition.


Consider it ironic then Allen's choice if he had to make one today of the Florida school he currently likes the best. "I like UCF a lot," Allen said of the Golden Knights. "I know the coaches there a little bit and I have been to their campus."


Antonio said that he is going to look around, though, and there's going to be a lot of schools he'll be checking out one way or another before he's done.


Oh, but not Florida


"Nope, not going there," Allen said of the Gators. "Miami or Florida State, but not Florida."


That's probably a little odd considering the fact that out of Tallahassee, Miami and Gainesville, it's the home of the Gators, which is closer to his home in Ocala, Florida. But that's the way it goes.


Things could change for Allen in the future, though, because he has absolutely no timeframe on when he'd like to make a decision. And refreshingly enough for those outside of the state, he doesn't care about the weather, location and while other players, even the so-called all-everythings of the country are consumed with depth charts, Allen could care less.


"I want to play and be part of a good team. That's it," he said. "You have to compete wherever you go, so whoever is there right now doesn't matter to me."


Nope, about the only thing that matters to Allen right now is football, but the prep-kind instead. It's spring time in Florida and that means spring games are almost underway. Trinity Catholic's opponent in this spring game will be known for Husker fans as the second string QB for the big red played for that very school.


And when the 2B Celtics face off against the 5A Cougars, Allen is expecting about the same thing to happen, which happened almost all of last year. "I think they will get zero points on our defense," Allen said. "And I think our offense will get around 40."


"Yeah, I'll go with that – 48-0."


Stay tuned to see if his prediction comes true and we'll keep you up-to-date about that offer officially coming in and keep an eye on this school, because one teammate (WR, Dion Lecorn) already has a Husker offer and like Allen, running back Rudell Small is supposed to have one on the way.

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