Glover still planning early decision

Jared Glover has a problem. No, it's not injuries and it's not academics. He's the epitome of healthy and his grades are amongst the best in his class. His problem is popularity and the fact that he's been gaining that steadily over the last few months. The problem? Trying to get the ever increasing number of offers sorted out so that he can stick to his goal of having his decision over before his season begins.

It's a nice problem to have when schools keep jumping in with offers, making a fairly easy list of schools to decipher, a fairly complicated one. This time last month, Glover was sitting on offers from Nebraska, Michigan State, Colorado State and Kansas State.

He's added three more

"I've got offers now from Texas A&M, Oklahoma State and Arkansas," Glover said. "I've also been hearing a lot from Miami and Texas Tech, because both were at my school and said that they liked me a lot."

That's good, but it does complicate things. Jared said that he's hopefully going to be attending camps this summer to as many schools as he can, of those who have offered him in writing. The problem, of course, is timing. Right now Glover said that of those schools that have offered, Oklahoma State and Nebraska are likely to find themselves on the schedule, but nothing is concrete as of yet.

Glover had initially planned on attending a camp at Oklahoma, but absent an offer from the Sooner, Glover figures it would be better to concentrate on those who are concentrating on him. "I really want to get this decision out of the way before my season starts, so it didn't make a lot of sense going to camps at schools that weren't showing a lot of interest," he said. "So, I am not going to wait around for them. I have a pretty nice list already and it's going to take a lot to get them down to the one place for me."

You might wonder why anyone would even camp at a school which has already offered, but for Glover it's simple. It's not so much to show even more of what you can do, but to learn a little more and even more importantly, get personal with your potential position coach. "I just want to see how they coach, how they relate to players and just their style," Jared said. "You get to know a lot by talking to a coach, but you learn a lot more when you get to see them in action."

If he gets to camp at Nebraska, he'll get to see the coaching style of defensive line coach John Blake, the man that's been recruiting him the entire time. Glover could end up playing linebacker for Nebraska or defensive end, but if it's to be defensive end, Glover said that he knows he would be in good hands with Blake. "We have really started to develop a relationship over time," Jared said. "When we talk, it's hardly ever about football. We talk about God, the Bible and things about life in general."

"I like coach Blake a lot. You know he cares a lot about those who play for him."

That's paramount as like with any player, they would rather be seen as a person who happens to play football, rather than a football player, who happens to have a personality. That's just one of the many criteria Jared has in figuring out where he wants to be.

As to any leaders right now, the process is still on-going for him and Glover cited no team as one having a clear cut advantage over the other. That's what this off-season is meant to do: find that one that does indeed standout.

"It's going to take awhile, but my plan at least, is to figure this all out before the season starts," he said. "I have had great experiences with everyone and it's not going to be easy. But I know when it's all done, I'll be at the right place for me."

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