Texas safety grabs three more offers

As the University of Texas gets closer to filling up their class of 2007, other schools can concentrate even harder inside the lone star state and actually have some success. One of those players, who has been gaining popularity outside of the state is MacArthur High safety Bret Harris. Does anyone have the edge right now for his services in the future? Harris talked about that and more.

It doesn't hurt Bret Harris' feelings all that much that the University of Texas is close to filling up for the class of 2007. With eight offers and counting, Harris knows that wherever he ends up, that's going to be a good place for him. The summer hasn't even gotten here yet, so eight offers could end up being a lot more. However, to Harris, four, five, eight or even more, isn't all that big of a deal right now.

"I'm looking at it, but I'm not really harping on it too much right now," Harris said of recruiting in general. "I know a little bit about some of these schools, but I have been concentrating more on my last season."

That's probably going to get harder as time goes along – putting recruiting on the backburner, that is. Iowa State, Arizona State and Kansas have recently joined the list already comprised of Nebraska, Kansas State, Arkansas, Oklahoma State and TCU.

Of that early list, Harris said that if he had to finger a couple of favorites amongst those that have offered, he had some teams in mind. "I grew up watching Nebraska when they had Eric Crouch, so they have always been kind of a favorite of mine," Harris said. "And I have a couple of classmates that play at Oklahoma State and I have talked to the coaches there some. So, I guess those would be my two right now."

And of those schools that haven't offered, Harris has a list there as well. "I like Oklahoma, LSU and Florida," he said.

Whether the school has offered or not, everyone is recruiting Harris for the same position. It's not hard to see as the 6 foot tall, 190 pound standout fits the position of safety to a tee. Totaling 77 tackles, two sacks, five pass break ups and notching 6 tackles for loss last year, Harris' actions would tell you he has a nose for the ball.

It's not ironic then what Harris thinks one of his main strengths as a safety is. "I can get to the ball quickly and I can make the guy pay for it when I get there," he said. "I think as a safety, you have to be able to tackle, read your keys and just see the play develop, but you also have to be able to hit."

"You need to be able to make them know you are there. You basically need to make them scared to even come your way. That's what I try to do."

That's what Harris will be working on to a degree over the summer, as he continues to try and better himself when it comes to strength, speed and footwork. Other than that, with the track season now in the rearview mirror, that's about it, but recruiting will get some attention here and there.

"I am just not trying to be real concerned with it right now," Bret said. "I am looking at it, but I am not getting real caught up in it. There's time for that. I'm worried more about my last season. That's what matters more than anything to me."

Harris said that he doesn't have any concrete plans to take any unofficial visits or go to any camps. Camping at Oklahoma has come up as a possibility, but Harris said that following a visit by the Sooners to his school, he's not heard much from them since.

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