Trying to make the grade

Since his commit, the only question about Ricky Thenarse was the one pertaining to his status. His academic status, that is. It wasn't looking real good at the time, but Ricky said that he was going to stick to it and see it to the end. Well, he got his ACT back recently and that told him if he did indeed make the grade, so he could be on his way to Nebraska.

"Big 12 here I come."

Easy enough, simple enough and it says all you need to know about the current academic status of Ricky Thenarse.

He made it

"I got my ACT back and with the 2.8 GPA I have, I'm good to go," Ricky said. "Now I just have to keep my grades where they are and I'll be on my way."

You could tell Ricky to take on a 300 pound lineman and he'd do it in a second. You could tell him to run through a brick wall and he would simply ask "when," That's not a challenge to him, because he does it so well. School, though, he felt himself stretched to his capability.

"Football is what I do, so that's nothing. I don't even think about it," Ricky said. "School, though, that's not so hard, but the testing part is tough. The tests get to you sometimes, but I was determined to get through it and I did."

"School is a lot harder than football."

Now that this issue is out of the way, though, Ricky is thinking about the future. Even while he's still yet to finish his track season, he's got his eyes firmly set on Lincoln.

It's a little ironic that he's also got his eyes set on a player, who is already in Lincoln, because he's got something Ricky wants.

Bragging rights

Around this time last year, current Husker Marlon Lucky raced against Ricky in the 100 meter finals. Lucky won. Ricky is planning on making it to the finals again, but no matter what happens, he wants a rematch with the former North Holywood High star. "He beat me with a 10.9 and I've ran a 10.8 this year and that is only running it once this season," Ricky said. "I get there, I want a rematch, becuase I know I can beat him."

Rematch aside, Thenarse will be glad to get into Lincoln and see his one-time nemisis on the track. He'll be glad to get there and see the inside of Memorial Stadium. He'll be glad to get there, get into the weight room and get some of that weight back he lost in track.

Basically, he'll be glad to get there, especially now that he knows he's going for sure.

"It feels great," he said. "It's done and I just need to keep my grades up where they are and I'll be heading to Lincoln."

"I can't wait. I can't wait."

"Big 12 here I come."

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