Huskers looking at big Texas tackle

Nebraska is very active on the recruiting trail in the state of Texas. This coming fall, Nebraska will welcome Patrick Kitzul from Dripping Springs (Texas) to walk on in the fall. Kitzul is a huge reason why this very large offensive tackle is looking at Nebraska as seriously as he is. A camp might be in the plans in Lincoln for this tackle.

You look for size and attitude when it comes to offensive lineman. That is why Brock Bomkamp will be a very popular offensive lineman this year. He has battled through adversity of injuries and finally the 6-foot-5 and 330 pound tackle from Dripping Springs (Texas) is ready to have a healthy season.

"Last season I wasn't back to 100% from the knee injuries that I have had," Bomkamp said. "I dislocated my right kneecap as a freshman and I had surgery on that. I dislocated my left kneecap my sophomore year and had surgery on that one too. I was born and my kneecaps ran off track. It was already prone to happen. My knees are both back up to 100% now though. Yes sir."

Missing parts of the last two years has been tough on Bomkamp. While he hasn't earned any offers yet he has been recognized as one of the best tackles in Central Texas. "I didn't win any honors last year. Right now, I am rated third in Central Texas among juniors as an offensive tackle in one publication."

With that height and that size, you might think that as a book-end tackle that Bomkamp might like to go to work on that island in pass protection. While he thinks that he is a good pass blocker, he believes that his biggest strength is paving some holes through defensive lines for people to run through.

"I would say that my biggest strength is run blocking. Straight up, hit the guy in front of me, and just keep on going. We are going into a spread this year and we run a little bit of everything. Pass blocking is something that I feel very comfortable doing."

Bomkamp isn't sitting on any offers yet, but that doesn't mean that one isn't too far away. "No, I don't have any offers yet. I am getting interest from Baylor, Texas Tech, SMU, Nebraska and a little from Texas A&M. I would say that the teams that I am most interested in are Baylor, Nebraska or Texas Tech."

The camps and combines are starting up and Bomkamp has already been to one combine. While the knees are good to go a nagging injury prohibited him from running or performing as well as he would have liked at drills that he could test at.

"I went to the Nike combine at College Station. I wasn't able to do any running really because of turf toe, but I got 30 reps on the bench press at 185 pounds. It was the second highest at that camp. I did the vertical, but I wasn't really able to push off that foot."

"I went to Texas Tech a while back. I also went to Baylor the weekend before Easter. Lubbock was nice. I liked everything and their facilities were very good. Their coaches were very down to Earth and it seemed like you could go speak to them if you had a problem."

"My dad and my grand dad played at Baylor so I am a family legacy there. I've basically known the town for a while now and it seemed like home to me. That is probably the one place where I really want to go. Their facilities really impressed me. Their locker rooms is one of the best I have seen and their coaches have NFL experience and I got talk to them quite a bit. Baylor showed a little more interest in me."

One of the schools that Bomkamp hasn't seen, but has heard a lot about is Nebraska. Nebraska earned a walk on this past year from Dripping Springs in Patrick Kitzul. Kitzul has had a chance to talk to Bomkamp about Nebraska and that might be enough to get him to take a closer look at Lincoln.

"I have played football with Patrick Kitzul since I was in fifth grade. He was talking about their facilities and how high tech their facilities were. He talked about Lincoln and how perfect of a town that it was; wasn't too big and school wasn't too big. He said that you really aren't going to be in the town that much because you are going to have football. That will be the life, basically."

Besides not looking for a city that is too large or a school that is huge, Bomkamp has some things that he is looking for in a school. It will start with the coaches, but ultimately it might come down to where he can get on the field first. "I don't want my coaches to be so high and mighty on themselves that it is too difficult to go up and talk to them. I want to be able to go there and try and get on the field as soon as possible."

A camp to Nebraska is a distinct possibility for Bomkamp to get a closer look at what Kitzul has spoke so highly about. "I have thought about going up to Nebraska for camp. They have been sending me a bunch of letters and a personal camp invitation. I have been talking to Patrick about that. I think that I will be going up there for a camp. That would be awesome."

While Bomkamp will first be considered for his on the field abilities, but he has an advantage over other tackles of equal abilities for another reason. "I am going to be eligible to graduate in the December of 2006. That is one thing that I wanted to be able to do was go to school in the spring. I heard about Buck Burnette doing that from Wimberley and I thought why not?"

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