Oklahoma star pushing close to 20 offers

You have to feel sorry for a guy that is worried about getting his list down to a top ten before his final season of prep ball begins. Well, that's where Millwood high school (Oklahoma City) athlete Gerald Jones is sitting. He's got all kinds of offers, inside the state and out, and getting it down to 10 anytime soon could actually become an ordeal.

When you are approaching close to 20 offers like Gerald Jones is, it doesn't become a question of wondering how popular you are going to get. You already are and like most any kid would feel about it, Gerald is extraordinarily grateful. "I thank God for the position I am in right now," he said. "I'm very fortunate and it's a real blessing."

It is, but the blessing can sometimes seem a little sharp on the other edge of the sword as the offers are accompanied by the attention. In the form of text messages at this point of the year, coaches only allowed the one phone call during the month of May. They are text messages telling Gerald to call him, get a hold of them or just let them know he's still looking their way.

Oh, and it's more than a few text messages

"It's like 17 a day I think," Gerald said laughingly. "You know, the coaches just want you to call them and if you get on the phone with one, it's half an hour and then, it's another one after that."

"I don't mind, though, because like I said, I am very fortunate to be where I am, so I am trying to enjoy this as much as I can."

There's enjoyment, sure, but there's also a little work to be done as by the time the summer is over and school is ready to begin, Jones would like to have a list of 10. That's 10 schools, which out of all those he's looking at, have what he's most looking for.

And that is?

"Academics are first for me and then it's how I get along with the coaches," he said. "Are they someone that is going to talk to me about life and things like that or once I get there, am I just another number?

"Football is football, but college is about life and I want to be around coaches that will make me a better man."

Gerald has already seen a few schools in person, taking in visits to in-state schools Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. He's also visited Tulsa along with Texas Tech. And Jones will continue the trek through the summer, potentially taking visits to Kansas, Kansas State and Arkansas and end up with Tennessee and Florida.

As to where Nebraska is in all of this, because they seem not to have made the list, even though, like most of those listed above, they have offered him in writing? Jones said that he does like Nebraska and much of the reason for that affection has to do with one of the reasons he stated above. "Coach Blake is a good man and he talks to you about life and how important you are as a person," Gerald said of defensive line coach John Blake.

"Like I said, college is about a lot more than football. You are a person there and talking to him, you know that he'll be there if you just need someone to be there."

Jones did say that of the places he visits unofficially this summer, will not eliminate them from getting official visits, but considering his expanding list of offers, it could make him evaluate just how efficiently he spends his time. "If I want to see as many schools as I can see, it would probably make sense taking official visits to places I haven't seen yet," he said. "There are so many schools, I know I can't see them all, but I want to see all the teams I can."

The most interesting part about all these schools going after him, you don't know which position each wants him to play. At 6 foot, 190 pounds, with a reported 4.49/40, Jones fits the bill just about anywhere on the field. Now he's played quarterback since he was 11, running an offense, which utilized his speed along with his arm, so while there aren't any real preferences, he knows what positions make him comfortable. "I've been a quarterback so long, it just feels comfortable," Jones said. "I run a lot, so I am used to seeing the field, using my speed or being physical if I have to."

"I am really wide open on the position, though. It's just that I have done that so much, I'm just used to them."

Oklahoma and Nebraska want him as a wide receiver. Kansas and Virginia Tech say they want him at QB. Texas Tech wants him to be a running back for the Red Raiders.

Yeah, you see the problem

Not only are the offers climbing, but the choice of positions seems to have no end and for each school, each figures they need something different. All that stuff to take into account and still so many schools to get to know.

That's a problem, but it's a nice problem to have.

One that Jones will continue to have, maybe well into and after his final season of prep ball is over. He said he's going to check out the internet to see what's there. He's going to check out the TV and see how teams play their games. He'll talk to coaches, players and probably more than a few members of the strength and conditioning staff while he's at it.

No problem, it's as good as done. It's just going to take some time. The question begs, though: What happens when more offers start hitting the mailbox?

"I don't know, but I know I won't rule anyone out," he said. "It's going to be tough with the ones I have, but I plan on looking at every single team that is looking at me. You never know where I could end up. I know I don't right now."

"It's just about having the time and opportunity to look and see for myself."

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