Glenn none the worse for wear after car wreck

It's not the drive home you want as school ends for the semester, but Cody Glenn came out none the worse for wear. On his way home to Rusk, Texas, the sophomore running back was involved in a car accident, leaving his car in shambles, but thankfully, Glenn came out with nary a scratch.

On the way home from Lincoln, just outside of Norman, Oklahoma, sophomore running back Cody Glenn was involved in a car wreck. It was a wreck that left his car totaled, wedged under the rear of a semi trailer rig.

"I just left Norman and I dozed off a little, Glenn said. "I went into the left-hand lane, swerved off back to the right hand lane and got under a diesel truck."

"It totaled the car, but outside of a little scratch on my knee, that was about it."

You have to give it up to a young man, who's reputation is of being tough, that not even a collision into a semi could give him barely a scratch. But the bigger picture for Glenn isn't about getting scratched, but being alive at all.

"The police were telling me how lucky I was," Glenn said. "It let me know that I should have gone just like that. You have to live everything like it's my last and just be thankful that I am here."

Glenn did make it home safe and sound and now he's just looking at the future when he returns back to Lincoln for the summer.

"I just want to take it one step at a time, get in the rhythm of things and prove that I am the top I-back at Nebraska."

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