Nebraska in great shape with top JC OT

The last time Big Red Report caught up with Gerald Parker he was talking about his first two offers. He hasn't caught any new offers yet, but something is definitely changing with Parker. His days at Pasadena (Calif.) City College have more than likely come to an end. What does this mean to Nebraska?

Gerald Parker won't be back at Pasadena (Calif.) City College as of right now. There haven't been any definitive decisions about where he might end up, but as of right now he is favoring moving to a school that is close and that gives him an advantage academically.

"Right now I am thinking about transferring," Parker said. "I am thinking about transferring to Compton City College. We are going through some changes at Pasadena City College."

"Pasadena is going through a bunch of things. It started last season really. Our athletic director got into it with our former head coach at the last game. We overheard what they were talking about and we just all quit. They fired all of the coaches and they are supposed to get a new head coach next week."

"The reason why I want to go to Compton is because I can get out this fall. I am going to get a ton of units and I will be able to graduate in December. After that I would be able to start spring ball in Nebraska."

The reason to get to Compton is to get qualified academically to transfer after the winter session. It is part of a bigger picture. "I don't want to be a later transfer and have to sit out and stuff. I want to get there and start. That is the reason I want to transfer to Compton."

Parker has been seeing his stock soar recently despite being ready to transfer schools. He attended a recent combine and he turned some heads. He came in and looked physically ready to compete at the division one level as well as tested very well.

"I went to a combine this past Saturday and I was one of the top lineman there. I did pretty good there. I ran a 5.44 in the 40 and did really good on my one on ones. I came in at 6-foot-6 and 270 pounds."

The phone calls haven't necessarily started for Parker except with one school. "Oregon State, Washington, Nevada, UL-Lafayette and Washington State all said that they would call next week. I have only spoke to Coach Dennis Wagner from Nebraska. That's it. I call him all the time."

Coach Wagner has been persistent in his recruitment of Parker. The one thing that is continually discussed is Parker's interest in Nebraska. "We just talk about what my interest is like in Nebraska and he always wants to know if I would be comfortable coming to Nebraska. I told him that I would be. He asks if Nebraska is my number one school and I say 'yes sir!'."

Nebraska has been telling Parker what he has liked to hear so far. It's a far-sight different from the situation that he was in at Pasadena this past year which not only saw change in the coaches, but in the players from an A.D. that apparently didn't want any of them there.

"He told me that I was the top junior college offensive lineman in the country. He wrote me a letter and in it he said that I was his number one recruit in the nation. They are the only school that has told me that I was their top guy."

"I like the way that Nebraska is telling me that I am their number one guy. It makes me feel good. It's Nebraska of all colleges. That is the main thing. I want to be the best in the nation."

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