The next QB to get an offer is..........

As Nebraska has went after the best high school quarterbacks in the country, those signal-callers are committing before anyone knows what's happened. Chris Forcier to UCLA, Ryan Mallet to Michigan and Aaron Corp to USC. Nebraska went after them all, but this is the year of the quarterback, so while those are gone, there's plenty more around. Enter the latest QB to get an offer from the Huskers, Rock Bridge High School's Logan Gray.

The offer from Nebraska this last Friday wasn't anti-climactic, but you'd have to forgive Logan Gray if he wasn't dancing around on the street. The Huskers offered this weekend, but they became the 14th school to offer Gray in writing.

Their name joins teams like Tennessee, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, N.C. State and Georgia.

So, yeah, he's been down that road before.

The offer was nice, though, because being a native of Missouri, he's gotten to see them plenty firsthand. "Hey, I was there when Nebraska got that kicked ball in '97 and I was there when Eric Crouch won the Heisman basically on that run against Missouri," Gray said of attending Nebraska/Missouri games in Columbia. "So, I grew up watching them. It's a great program with a great tradition."

The thing with Gray, though, is that he doesn't seem to get real high or real low about anything.

Probably just what you want in your quarterback, Gray approaches recruiting like he approaches the game: calm, cool and with a level head.

That's part of the reason he's had the kind of success he's had, completing close to 58 percent of his passes last year, 25 of those going for scores. He's not just a good passer, though, the spread option offense he runs perfect for a quarterback who can run in the low 4.5-range.

A solid arm, at 6 foot, 2 inches and approx. 180 pounds, decent size – on paper at least, Gray is what you want. It could be his intangibles, however, that make him the real deal.

"I approach the game believing that there isn't just one thing I do well," Logan said. "I think I can throw well, use my speed well and I have a pass first mentality, but when I get outside of the pocket, I'm pretty confident in my ability to use my feet."

He'll use his feet, but in the ;pocket is where any true quarterback likes to stay. The backfield is their playground to use in whatever way they can to make something happen down the field. For Gray, his favorite thing is getting downfield, of course, but it's nice when he can do it in the way, which he thinks plays to one of his strengths: putting the ball into the air

"I like the deep ball," he said. "I don't know, but it just seems like a throw I can pretty consistently make. It takes a lot of repetition with your wide receivers and just a feel for the game, but that's one of the throws I like the most."

There aren't many offenses out there that don't have a little bit of aerial fancy to them. Even Nebraska, not long ago considered the most staunch in its old fashioned style of smashmouth football, now finds itself going vertical as much or more than it does going parallel to the field.

It isn't Nebraska's offense which fits him best, though, if you simply look at his system and compare it to the ones in college. That honor would have to go to another team who offered him some time ago.

"There's no doubt what Florida does offensively is probably the closest to what we do here out of the schools I have seen," Logan said. "But it won't be the offense, which will dictate where I go."

"It's going to be about a lot of things from the offense, to the coaches, to the school and anything else I can think of, that's what's going to go into my decision."

While we the busy-body recruiting media might prod and poke for a group of favorites for Gray, he's adamant that he has none. That could be considered a problem, seeing as the offers seem to grow, while his preferred timeline hasn't changed.

Before his final season even begins Gray is hoping to have a decision or at the very worst a top five. How close is he now? "I've been to Kansas State, Kansas and Georgia and I enjoyed those places a lot," he said. "And I am going down to Florida in a couple of weeks for a combine and I'll check out Florida while I'm there."

"And when school gets out, I'll try and figure out plans to visit as many of these other schools as I can and just make a little tour out of it, so I can get this all figured out."

Nebraska got on the train late, but it would appear they aren't wasting much now that they are in the game. The offer came on Friday and the attention has came along for the ride. "I know coach Cosgrove was at my school this week and I talked to coach Norvell last night," Gray said of defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove and QB coach Jay Norvell. "And I think coach Norvell is going to be at my school tomorrow."

Nebraska's situation could be considered dire when it comes to the quarterback position. They have a senior taking the field this year in Zac Taylor, but behind him, you have a basically untested sophomore in Harrison Beck, followed by even more untested junior QBs in Beau Davis and Joe Ganz.

That's not a bad situation to come into if you are a quarterback aspiring for some early playing time. But as Gray said, regardless of the situation, his job will always be the same. "You have competition wherever you go and you have to earn everything you get," he said. "Nebraska's situation is probably a little more ideal than some, but Florida only has one scholarship quarterback after Leak is gone, so there are opportunities there too."

"But again, it's about competition and you have to compete for the job no matter where you go. Depth chart won't mean much to me in the end."

When the end is, that's the question. Gray doesn't know and with the offers continuing to come in, his plans of an early decision could get set back. That's not what Gray hopes, but in order to find the right place for him, he'll take however long he has to take.

"If I have a top five at least when the season starts, that won't be so bad I don't think," Gray said of minimizing the recruiting attention while he is playing his final year. "I'd like to have a decision, but I'm not going to rush it just so I can get it out of the way."

"I'll make it and it will be the right one for me. I just don't know when that will be."

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