Student of the game picks up first offer

When Justin Sturns talks about Cody Glenn, current Nebraska running back, it's about how Cody played the game and what Justin learned about playing the game from Cody. It's all about respect. Cody and Justin are still tight and while Glenn was in Rusk (Texas) recently he spent some time visiting with Justin.

You could call 100 recruits a night and not one of them would say that they were watching game film from last year, unless you were talking to Justin Sturns. Sturns, who returns as the starting quarterback at Rusk (Texas), was obviously exhausted, but he said that he was watching film all day.

"I am watching last year's game against Chapel Hill right now," Sturns said. "I am just seeing what I can do better that I didn't do previously. Like if I could have read their coverage better and who I should have threw the ball to. Stuff like that."

This watching film all the time isn't a once in a time thing. Sturns does it consistently. He prides himself on being a student of the game. More than that, Sturns sees it as a necessity to catch an edge. Even if it's only spring and won't be in the field for five months.

"This is something that I do normally. You've got to. You have to have that edge. You have to know the players. You have to know to hit this hole quicker. You need to know where your blockers are going to be on a particular play."

"Watching film is very important to me to review technique. Like I could see that when I threw the ball that I had my shoulder down I would have made a better throw. Or, if I see that if I could take a three step drop instead of a five step drop my receiver might be passed the defender."

The evaluation period is going very well for Sturns who has had a couple of schools stop by the school to see him. Recently he started thinking about which camps he would be visiting. "It's going real well right now. I am thinking about heading up to some camps right now and I think that I am going to go up to Nebraska and Oklahoma State at Kilgore."

"So far Missouri and Texas Tech have been out to see me. Nebraska told me that they were coming soon to see me. Coach Jordan said that he would be by in about a week or so. He's their running back coach."

Right at the beginning of the evaluation period Sturns picked up his first offer. He found out recently that Nebraska might be very close to offering. He found out from a pretty good source. "I have an offer from Tennessee. I picked it up about three weeks ago. I spoke to Cody Glenn and he said that Nebraska is really close to offering me."

Cody Glenn was a star at Rusk two years ago. Justin and Cody remain friends. Recently Glenn was in a very serious car accident in Oklahoma City. While Sturns started out by light-heartedly saying that Cody totaled his car it ended with a sigh of relief saying that car likely saved Glenn's life.

"Cody is back from school right now. He just left my house not too long ago. He's alright after the wreck in Oklahoma City. He really didn't come away with anything more than a scratch. He totaled his car and that was a pretty little car too. Just a blessing that it saved his life."

Sturns is also a standout baseball player. As a junior, he had Major League scouts out to see him. In center field he can cover major ground with his speed. As a pitcher, he is a lefty who regularly hits the high 80s to low 90s with his fast ball. The season is over and there will be no club play. Sturns has already made that decision.

"Our season is over and things have slow down a lot. I did play on a Dallas club team in the summer. But, I would have seven on seven and I quit playing for them. It would look pretty bad for the quarterback of the team not to show up or play baseball over playing football. I had to make that decision, and it was a hard decision, but my team comes first."

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