Nebraska staying in contact with Christian

Andre Christian, today, lines up most on the field for Oakland (Calif.) Skyline under center. Christian is getting his looks for division one football to play either as a wide receiver or in the defensive secondary. He said that while on his spring game visit to Lincoln that he could see himself at both position, but is leaning towards one.

The evaluation period is going strong and Andre Christian is looking forward to his senior year. The athlete from Oakland (Calif.) Skyline has had a few teams come out to see him including Nebraska.

"It's going great, Christian said. "Let's see Idaho, Boise State and Utah State have all been out to see me. Nebraska did come to see me this week. I have been talking to Nebraska every week."

"Coach Dennis Wagner is recruiting me from Nebraska. I am very comfortable talking to him. Coach Wagner is really cool to me. I like his demeanor and I like him as a coach. He's someone that if I needed to talk to that I could give him a call and talk to."

This is a contact period as well and Christian has been in touch with Nebraska. He said that the conversations have been evolving. They are taking on a face now of a more personal relationship, but football is still part of the conversation.

"Our conversations have moved to being a little less football oriented, a little bit of football, but not as much as just personal talk about me. Asking me about school, about my family and stuff."

Nebraska is recruiting Christian on both sides of the ball. He is seeing himself more at one position than the other. "Nebraska is recruiting me as an athlete. At the spring game I could see myself fitting in on both sides of the ball. Maybe leaning towards playing defensive back more, but you never know."

It's a bit ironic that Christian is getting looks to play a position that he hasn't seen a lot of time at. There is little doubt that his team believes in him back there because every time they needed someone to step up they called his name.

"I am going to play some more defense this year than I did last year. I wasn't a consistent starter last year on defense. I just played when they needed me to in game situations and help the team out."

"My biggest strengths playing defensive back would be my speed and my ability to recover if I ever get beat. Also my quickness and my ability to read the receivers route."

Christian does attribute playing quarterback to being able to play defense as effectively as he does. "I would say so. As a quarterback I have learned how to pick apart defenses and what to do in certain situations. I already know what the quarterback is thinking or looking for in certain situations. I don't see why it wouldn't help me out."

Christian made the trip to Lincoln, with his parents, for the spring game. He doesn't think that he will be back at Lincoln until later this year. "I don't think that I will be attending their camp this summer. I don't think so. It is of course a place that I would like to take an official visit to see. I am definitely planning on taking an official visit there."

Andre still has the two offers, Nebraska and San Diego State, but it appears that a couple of other schools have moved closer in his eyes to possibly offering. "I still just have the two offers. I would say that maybe Washington or maybe even California might be close. I went up to their junior day."

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