Huskers looking at another Texas QB

There have been a fair amount of names that have popped up in Texas with heavy Nebraska interest. The latest had a Nebraska coach at his school just the other day. While it seems that Nebraska is interested in him to play quarterback, there is little doubt that he could play a number of positions at the next level.

Justin Johnson is a true athlete. As a quarterback at Richardson (Texas) Berkner he is drawing in teams to come and see him perform in a little more wide open offense. At 6-foot-1 and 210 pounds, Johnson still has a 4.55/40 and had a very good spring game the other night.

"We did pretty good," "My team won. We threw pretty good and we ran the ball very well. The spring went well for me. It was good getting back out there. I didn't know how it was going to feel, but it was really good."

The evaluation period continues, but spring ball comes to a close. Johnson thinks that he has opened some eyes. "It was a good process. We developed more of a passing game over this spring and it was a good time for the coaches to come out. We had coaches there almost all of the time as well as tonight at the spring game."

Johnson doesn't just think that he opened eyes, he has the list of schools that turned out to see him perform. That is evidence enough. "Baylor, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Miami, Arkansas, SMU, Kansas, Nebraska, Kansas State and some others all came by the school. I didn't really get a chance to see everyone that was there tonight. There was a good handful."

To date, Johnson is sitting on three offers, but that number could easily double in the coming weeks. "I have three offers. I have offers from UNLV, Baylor and SMU. I think that Texas A&M and TCU are close to offering me. There could be a couple of more."

Last season Johnson led Berkner and from his quarterback position amassed over 1,500 yards rushing and 24 touchdowns. He also had over 400 yards passing with another 3 touchdowns. "I was first team all-region, offensive MVP of the team, offensive MVP of the district. MVP of the district and first district. I don't know if I got any all-state honors or not."

When it comes to describing Johnson's strengths is starts with confidence. "I can just get it done, no matter what. I am a winner. If we are down by a touchdown and there is little time left I just feel like we are going to get in there. I think that it is just leadership and just hustling."

With that 4.55 speed, he has colleges touting him to play a number of positions at the next level other than quarterback. "Not all the teams that are recruiting me are recruiting me as a quarterback. There are some that are looking at me as a strong safety, outside linebacker, running back or wide receiver. I have heard a whole bunch of different things."

"UNLV wants me as a quarterback. I think that Baylor, SMU, Oklahoma State, and Arkansas like me as a safety/linebacker type. Texas A&M likes me as a quarterback."

There really isn't a preference to a particular position. Johnson wants to take the opportunity to make his team better at whatever position and use it to improve his chances of playing beyond college. "Whatever can get me on the field. Whatever is good enough for me to work so I can get to the next level. I want to help my team out and I also want to help myself out at the same time."

Johnson has some ideas what he is looking for in a school, but isn't sure if distance will be a huge consideration yet. "Of course the school itself as far as graduation rate, campus, staff and location maybe. I don't know if distance is a big thing for me, but it might come into play."

There have been a couple of trips already for Johnson, but he has seen his chances to get out to camps and combines cut short with AAU basketball. "I went to Texas A&M Junior Day and I went to something at SMU. I didn't get a chance to make it to the Nike combine because I was at a basketball tournament. There was also a camp at Southlake Carroll that I didn't get a chance to make either."

This summer will be busy for Johnson who would like to make it to some camps still. However, the goals are there to improve as a quarterback first and lead his team. "I am just going to develop my skills more, work out and try and get ready to get a ring next year. I will maybe start to narrow my college list a little, but I am not going to make my decision until after the summer."

One team that definitely has interest in Johnson has been Nebraska. There has been a steady stream of mail, that he calls packages, that have caught his eye. One day an offer could show up in one of them. It seems that Nebraska is interested in taking a look at Johnson first as a quarterback based on the mail he has received.

"I like Nebraska. I like what they do. If they were to offer they would be up there. They send me a lot of mail. A lot of packages. Maybe an offer is coming? Everytime they send me mail it's about their Elite Quarterback camp and stuff like that. I guess that they like me as a quarterback."

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