Attention for Thigpen increasing

The good thing about switching schools is that it could give you a different opportunity, perhaps a better one to succeed. That's certainly what Brandon Thigpen was hoping when he made the switch from one high school to another. We don't know what it will do in regard to his season, but it's paid dividends already in recruiting. The attention seems to be only increasing.

The move from Vista Del Lago high school to Rancho Verde high school, was for a few reasons. One simply had to do with opportunities. Not to play, mind you, as Brandon Thigpen was a solid athlete for Del Lago, but perhaps not quite to the extent Brandon himself wanted to see. The move to Rancho Verde has given him hope of a rebirth of sorts in his strive to be a standout amongst standouts.

It is, however, a little different where he's at now.

"The practices are real organized and it's like a college practice," Thigpen said. "You do a lot of individual stuff and then you go into different things you practice and after a little while, you go to the next thing."

"It's pretty fast paced, so we get a lot in. It's challenging, but that's good."

This is all in the hopes that Thigpen, already sporting a couple of offers, will have yet more choices in front of him. It's not like Nebraska is anything to sneeze at, as Thigpen actually visited the Huskers last year. But as they say, more is better.

Recently, the attention has picked up considerably, according to Thigpen, and some of the schools coming by are a who's who of the college game. "I know Washington has been by and Colorado too, and Pete Carroll came by the school," Brandon said. "Also, there was Washington State, Oregon, Arizona and Arizona State, along with Nevada, Boise State and UTEP."

You can throw in Idaho State as well, the other school who has offered him in writing, but Thigpen said UTEP offered as well. The only thing, and this is something a lot of schools do, the offer is contingent on one thing. "They said if I want to commit there, I have an offer," Brandon said. "A few schools are saying stuff like that."

As for Thigpen, he's looking around and while he knows there's a good thing in Nebraska, if that's where he ends up going, he's just trying to see what options he has. "I like Nebraska a lot, but I'm just trying to see what is out there and it's nice to see, because the attention kind of reinforces what you can do," he said.

"I know I can play, but the offers just make it seem like others can see it too."

As Thigpen has talked to coaches, the positions he's being recruited to play vary. Some for wide receiver, some at safety and some have even speculated about linebacker. Brandon has found his preference, though, and while it may not determine where he goes, it could have at least some impact. "I'd like to be a safety, because I think that's just what suits me best at the next level," he said. "I guess that's how I would want others to see me, because that's what I like to play."

As Thigpen explores the various schools, checking out to see just what kind of interest there is, he could have an unofficial visit to Florida in the future, along with others, but as to where, he isn't sure.

As for the Huskers, Thigpen says that he still keeps in fairly regular contact with them, having talked to them just a couple of weeks ago. And it would be hard not to put them as the favorite right now.

As to the future and where Nebraska will stand, only time will tell and, of course, the attention as well. "I'm just trying to get my name out there, so everyone can see what I can do," he said. "Nebraska is a great place and if I end up going there, that will be a great place for me to be."

"I guess it's just about knowing that others recognize what you have done, but that might have to wait until the season. But that's ok too. Then they will definitely see what I can do."

Thigpen's new team finished 5-5 last season. Thigpen's old team finished their year 1-9

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