Franklin making plans to get to Lincoln

Wallace Franklin was set to become a member of the 2005 class at Nebraska, widely considered to be one of the best in the nation, only to end up a non-qualifier. There isn't any bitterness. No regret. In fact, Franklin is as excited now as what he was over a year ago to be on pace to finally make it to Lincoln.

Wallace Franklin, since having to go to El Dorado (Kan.) Butler County hasn't forgotten about the end goal of getting to Lincoln, Neb. The experience there has gone as well as it can when you aren't planning on attending junior college.

"It's going good so far," Franklin said. "It's been O.K. It's temporary. Butler has been very good to me."

Franklin made an impact as a freshman at Butler. Franklin was recruited by Nebraska as an athlete and play either offense of defense. After an impressive senior year and nearly double-digit interceptions he seemed destined for the defensive backfield. Not at Butler.

"I played wide receiver at Butler this past year. I was being recruited to play wide receiver and cornerback at Nebraska. They just put me at receiver at Butler."

The challenges of changing positions in college was more than just learning the plays. There is just a difference between the competition and skill levels. "It's been a challenge to play the game, a lot more of a challenge, then what it was in high school. I've had to adjust to the speed and the size of the players. You just have to play smarter than when you played high school ball."

Don't let Franklin kid you about needing to play catch-up in football games. He was well-known for his speed in high school and also ran track in college. "The speed part wasn't that big of deal. I ran indoor track here. I ran the 60m, 200m and open 400. I did good. My best time in the 200m was 21.8, the 60m wasn't really my race and I went about 6.9 and in the 400m I ran a 48-flat."

That speed helped Franklin make a significant contribution to the team on offense. "I was second in yards on the team. I think that I had about 325 yards receiving and four touchdowns. I didn't do any special teams last year."

As mentioned by Brodrick Hunter, Butler is very good about getting players back to where they originally signed. Franklin basically said the same thing. "I don't know if anyone has told us who has been here really, I have really just spoke with the Nebraska coaches. I received two letters from Kansas State and from Florida."

While the stopover in El Dorado will take away a couple of years of eligibility it hasn't deterred Franklin from the end goal of getting on the field in Lincoln. In fact, the coach from Nebraska was at Butler just the other day checking up on the Franklin and Hunter making sure that their grades were in order.

"The plan is to still get to Lincoln. Coach Watson was here yesterday. I had a chance to talk to him briefly. It was mostly about making sure I was getting my grades together, staying in class this summer getting up there in December. I on track to get out of here on December."

While it seems that Nebraska is definitely still interested in getting Hunter and Franklin back up to Lincoln, it isn't for sure which position that Nebraska is looking at Franklin to play. It doesn't matter to him. He just wants to play and play there. "They haven't said where I will play in Lincoln. They just want to get me up there."

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