Will Young be ready to play?

Nebraska's recruiting class in the secondary wasn't what it was supposed to be. Now, the players that Nebraska did receive letters of intent from are very good players, but Ashlee Palmer was supposed to be a key part of this class. Now, Major Culbert is a serious question mark to join the team at all. Corey Young had ACL surgery, but could he be counted on for this summer and fall?

It was announced that Major Culbert has had his scholarship with Nebraska suspended pending an investigation on an official visit to Oregon. The safety position is a fairly large question mark, of not for starters, then at least for depth.

The 2006 class brought in Culbert, Ricky Thenarse and Corey Young. It was announced here on Big Red Report that Thenarse seems to be academically clear. However, there have been no updates on the rehab status of Young coming off of an ACL tear his senior year.

The 6-foot-0 and 195 pound Young from Millard (Nebr.) North was one of the fastest players in the state last year despite tearing his right ACL before his junior year. Then, in the playoffs of his senior year the left one goes. Will he be ready to go this summer and fall?

"It's great," Young said. "It's feeling good. I am basically over the rehab almost. I am starting conditioning down in Lincoln on June 2. I am ready for that." Ready? He tore his ACL either in November last year. That has only been about five to six months. The ACL injury used to be a year. Sometimes longer. Young is aware of the schedule and says that he is ahead of schedule.

"Yeah, I am ready. I'm not kidding. Usually you don't come back for six or seven months or so, but it's been about five. I am already ahead of schedule. It was this way last year too."

The ACL injury is a bit "old hat" to Young. See when he said 'last year too' he was talking about the other leg his junior year. He said that it is very common for a person to tear one ACL and then the other.

"I've tore my right leg and my left leg, I have had two. I tore my right ACL two weeks before my opening game my junior year. I tore my left one this year in the semi-finals. It's common to tear one after the other. Your mind plays a bit of a game on you."

Young isn't up to 100%, he is close though. He has gotten a pretty good indication about how close he actually is by some activities that he has kept himself busy with the past month or so. He says that if there is a mental barrier about testing the knee then he doesn't know about it.

"I would probably say that I am at about 95% speed. The last 10% is always the toughest to get. I don't know how to explain it. I don't get how people say it's a mental barrier. That's not it. I have been playing basketball the last couple of weeks, just pick up games and stuff, and I haven't even noticed it."

Pick up games and no mental barrier means that Nebraska is looking to get an at least 95% healed/back up to speed Young. Does his being ahead of schedule and being in Lincoln all summer put him in a position to possibly contribute this fall?

"I am running June 2. I have no idea what that does for putting me in a position to play this fall. That is really up to the coaches to tell you that. I am just trying to get ready as much as I can."

There are definitely some question marks when it comes to safety this fall. There are not only immediate depth concerns, but a need to develop players for next year. If called upon would Young be willing to play? "Every kid wants to play right away. If I have an opportunity early to play a lot right away, that is awesome. I am ready to go."

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